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post #46 of 60 (permalink) Old 2012-03-03, 11:36 PM
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Kamloops, B.C.
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Botched install

This happened about 10 years ago, so you can't read much into it now, but looking back it's funny enough to share.
So I pick up my truck around closing at visions in Prince George, after getting a remote starter installed. Remote starter works and I start driving away. It's getting dark, so I push the headlight switch in my old 1990 GMC, and..... The frigging Windshield wipers go on! Hack installer cut too many wires and hooked them back wrong. I was so choked I did a U-turn in the middle of a 4 lane highway and floored it back to the store. They were just closed, so I beat on the install bay door until they opened it up. Told the kid doing installs he couldn't leave until he fixed it.
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post #47 of 60 (permalink) Old 2013-01-03, 01:34 AM
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I'm sick and tired of all the problems I've experienced with the Visions on 51 Street SW in Calgary, Alberta. My Samsung Bluray player broke not just once but 3 times. Everytime I tried to take it back they just said no and that I had to have to Samsung deal with it (even though I got the extended warranty with it and it wasn't even a year old).

My friends purchased a laptop from them 1 month ago now (after I told them not too) and of course, after having it a couple days it kept shutting off and wouldn't power on. Vision's told them the exact same thing they told me (and everyone else) which is to send it back to the manufacturer (ASUS).

So they did and then get their laptop back from ASUS a week ago and they have me look at it to set it up. Well wouldn't you know...when ASUS replaced the hardware, it deactivated Windows 8 and after talking with ASUS (and Microsoft), the only way to get it reactivated is by reinstalling Windows 8 (because its OEM) which can't be done because there's no disc or partition to reinstall Windows 8 from. Now ASUS wants them to send it back to them again and they want to charge us to have the disc sent in the mail even though its under warranty.

We took it back to Vision's thinking they could fix our laptop for us but nope. The store manager was very ignorant and tried to blame us by saying its our problem and we have to deal with it. We asked him for just a refund which he said "Oh, I'll give you $8 for it.." and gave an excuse that since its broken, he wouldn't be able to resell it (which from my personal experience in retail isn't true because all they have to do is send it back to ASUS and they will just send them a brand new one or have it fixed).

We are probably going to end up having to send the laptop back to ASUS again and (knock on wood) this should be the last problem we have. I have spoken to their head office as well and they just tell you to go pound sand and take it up with the manager. After my experience with my Bluray player and now this, I have vowed to never buy anything from them again and it's proving to be a good idea...
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post #48 of 60 (permalink) Old 2013-01-03, 11:34 AM
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Cowichan Bay, BC
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I'm surprised I haven't posted in this thread already.

I have had nothing but good experiences with Visions. Although I will continue to price compare, I will be surprised if I buy elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

I drove past the Vancouver store on Marine Dr for years thinking that I would never go in there. It really is a shady looking store. In 2005 when I was shopping for the new Sony SXRD I researched hard. It was a $5000 purchase for a TV and I was determined to get my best value. After several months I ended up buying it at that store.

Although I rarely buy extended warranties, I was hesitant about the new LCOS technology and bought the extended warranty to take our coverage to five years for $549. Although that model had a long history of problems, Sony stood behind it (with some incentive from a US class action suit), so I never had to use the extended warranty.

So, five years later, I tried to get the store credit for the unused warranty. I expected all sorts of problems. There was not the tiniest difficulty. I scanned and emailed my documents and within a month had the $549 store credit.

We had moved to Vancouver Island where there was no Visions store, so I was going to have to use the credit when I would be in Vancouver for other reasons. But then Visions opened a store in the Victoria area. There was no problem transferring the credit to the new store.

The following November (2011) I took the credit in, expecting problems using it on a sale item. There was not the tiniest problem using the $549 credit. I walked out with a Samsung PN51D550 that was on sale. I can't recall the price, but a friend who installs plasma screens for a living said it was below the price that he could get as a dealer.

Black Friday 2011 came. Visions dropped the price to something like $698 for a couple of days. I applied for a refund based on their 30 days price protection. There was not the tiniest problem. So, based on the extended warranty, we got the PN51D550 for something like $150 plus taxes.

I did have problems with the TV after the Visions 30 exchange period so I had to deal with Samsung on that. It was a bit awkward, but that had nothing to do with Visions.

Last week we went back to Visions and bought a Samsung PN51E530. Of course, I bought the seven year extended warranty for $150. Barring some problem with either TV, I expect to be using those two store credits as well at Visions, although I am half-hoping to be able to try out their replacement policy one either TV after a few years.

BTW, we are heading back to Visions to buy a Panasonic SCHTB450 sound bar today for $198. The same sound bar at Future Shop is on sale for $298.

"Don't quote me on this." - Anonymous
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post #49 of 60 (permalink) Old 2013-01-03, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by ub3rst4r View Post
I'm sick and tired of all the problems I've experienced with the Visions on 51 Street SW in Calgary, Alberta.
Have you tried other Vision locations in Calgary? I purchased one of my plasmas from the location you mentioned. They where good during the sale. But that was the only time I have been in that location. I have dealt mostly with the Airdrie and NE Vision location in Calgary. Both have been excellent. When I had problem with a TV at the NE location, they where great.
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post #50 of 60 (permalink) Old 2013-01-05, 12:11 PM
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Value stops with discount at store

In Saskatoon the experience was very disappointing so far, after buying the Media/NAV system and arranging installation with extra warranty. The service = "0". They forgot to order parts,they forgot to call me that they not in, they forgot that I was coming - OK - things happened / BUT Biggest insult was that the guy said they are so busy, there is no time to call customers - well I stayed around "looking at products" but actually assessed what staff is doing, I counted over 8 sales individuals in two groups not doing anything for entire 30 min I was there - having general conversations about their holidays and so on. This also rubs me the wrong way because when I try to call a day before coming (appointment time was coincided with store opening), I was put on hold few times and after 10 min each time had to give up.
Taking a look at that from just dollar value - I lost $150, by having this useless trip - based on my regular hourly rate, not counting 30min "looking around" (I could off worked as I usually do, plus 29c per kilometre). Now I have to go back again when they get all the products in (they have no idea when and could not give me date) - so I am waisting $300 in total, above what I paid.
- So I sugest people in Saskatoon avoid going for "cheep price" - and take into account associated costs of hustle - and go to places where they truly have reliable and accountable service.
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post #51 of 60 (permalink) Old 2013-01-05, 01:52 PM
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Cowichan Bay, BC
Posts: 1,389

"Taking a look at that from just dollar value - I lost $150, by having this useless trip - based on my regular hourly rate, not counting 30min "looking around" (I could off worked as I usually do, plus 29c per kilometre). Now I have to go back again when they get all the products in (they have no idea when and could not give me date) - so I am waisting $300 in total, above what I paid."

I understand the dismay of a wasted trip, but I think it is going a bit beyond the reasonable to attribute "work dollar values" to personal purchases.

In December I twice drove from Cowichan Bay to north Nanaimo (about 90 minutes and about 75 km each way) to have a simple Ghost Armour iPad screen protector replaced. Both times the vendor said it would be available. Both times it wasn't there. I eventually had it done in January.

So that was a total of three hours, times three trips, for nine hours. If my daily take-home pay were a bit over $200 for a nominal 7.5 hours, nine hours would be about $250. When I work, my employer reimburses employees $0.52/km, so there would be another $235.

I don't think that realistically makes my $80 iPad cover cost $565 ($80 + $250 + $235).

Similarly, when I take a friend out for lunch, I don't add together the cost of lunch (~$30), plus tip ($5), plus driving $21 (40 km @ $0.52), plus driving and lunch time $55 (hourly rate times hours) and say that lunch cost me $110.

And I shudder to think what my wife would do if I suggested that I calculate the "work dollar value" of the time I spend doing thing with/for her!

Many of us, (myself include about Ghost Armour's behaviour) have critical comments about vendors, I think our criticisms have more credibility when we keep business and personal separate.

(NOTE: I would view this very differently if you were in a business of media/NAV installations, the vendor said they had parts available then didn't, and you ended up losing business/efficiency because of the vendor's failures.)

"Don't quote me on this." - Anonymous
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post #52 of 60 (permalink) Old 2013-01-06, 04:34 PM
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I agree with Mexicanuck, the poor service being shared is significant enough by itself, and trying to put dollar values on the time just detracts from it.

Alx350 - as you have surmised, being told they are too busy to deal over the phone was a lie. The truth is those sales staff are driven hard to make sales, and they know they can't make a penny over the phone. They are scheduled for long shifts, and most of that time is unproductive as they wait for their turn at a customer, and hope that customer is one that's willing to buy that day.

Even though you are the one in a thousand person who calls to make an appointment, and you are truly going to show up with the intent of purchasing, they know that 99% of the time phone calls are from people just fishing or competitors and are mostly a waste of their time. Even that rare customer like yourself who does show up later, they know that if they aren't right there at the entrance when you arrive, one of the other sales people will poach their sale. It's sad but true.

Ideally, sales people would be in an atmosphere where they know that being respectful to you today over the phone could lead to a good sale next week. And that you will return the following year for another purchase. Most stores, and that store in particular, aren't set up to allow for that. Sales people could be here today and gone tomorrow.

But be honest, you probably don't shop with that degree of loyalty either. Nobody does anymore, as we've been trained not to. We look for a sale, discount,or bonus. Even at the store we like, we tell them about a competitor with a slightly lower price and expect it to be matched.

I'm not saying go back there, as it sounds like the typical high pressure low trust sales electronics trap.

Maybe in your case I would suggest calling during a slow time, and speaking with the manager. Tell him you are traveling to make your purchase, that you are a serious buyer, and you want to make sure he or someone he designates will be available to make a quick and efficient sale. Don't mislead or exaggerate though, be as legitimate as you want them to be.

A good store or manager will appreciate a walk-in customer who they know is a committed buyer, since most of the people they experience during their long shifts are tire kickers and time wasters.

In your case with the missing parts and lack of after-sale service, that's very common, for the reasons above. My suggestion is mostly the same: a calm and reasonable word with the manager. Tell him you'll be canceling your whole purchase if he can't get your missing items by such and such a date, and asking if he could see about delivering them to prevent you making another long trip. Any half decent store or manager will know at that point exactly what he must do to satisfy you and salvage the sale.

You could compromise, for example if it's a heavy item where shipping might cost the store a lot, agree to a specific date that you'll pick up, and that he will call you 2 days ahead of time to confirm your item is there for pickup. If he's unwilling, then it's easy, cancel the sale immediately.
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post #53 of 60 (permalink) Old 2014-06-20, 06:04 PM
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Worst electronics store in West Edmonton bate and switch all the time don't buy anything from these people, bad customer service,pushy salesmen lack of product.
post #54 of 60 (permalink) Old 2014-06-23, 05:10 PM
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Visions have great prices, you just need to decide what you want before you go in if you don't they will sell to you. Both my TV and Home Theatre came from Visions and I would have no issue shopping there again.
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post #55 of 60 (permalink) Old 2014-07-07, 10:04 PM
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Location: Maple Ridge BC
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I find visions prices very competitive most of the time, I have bought from there in the past, but will never buy from again after my last experience,
I went there to buy my 65" panny, already knowing exactly what TV I wanted, the only thing I wanted was a good deal, I can be a very aggressive haggler. I walked away after the salesman told me I was wasting his time, and he actually swore at me in the process,
I was being pretty pushy and I wouldn't buy the warranty,
I bought the TV later that day for $200 cheaper than visions "best" price from a department store that didn't specialize in electronics. Just simply said I'm buying this TV today if you can beat this price.

Sony 75" X940D, 7.1 Klipsch, Onkyo TX-NR656, Xbox One/360, Nvidia Shield Alienware Alpha, Arris Gateway, 42" Samsung
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post #56 of 60 (permalink) Old 2014-11-11, 03:56 PM
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Pro: Visions offers competitive pricing, and typically has a 'loss leader' or two in their flyers, which are worth the trip. I bought my samsung 60" 3d plasma at below cost this way.

Con: Visions sales reps to their best to 'bait and switch' you out of these 'loss leaders' or products that have a very low product margin, and into other brands that are less known and have a much higher profit margin. The real unfortunate part is that they will resort to flat out lies to achieve this goal.

Advice: If you go, go prepared. Know what you want and why. Do your own product research, bring a friend who is very tech savvy, or one that can talk down the smoothest sales person.

Note: Visions pulls out all the stops when it comes to trying to salvage a bad sale (ie: below cost or zero profit margin), and will literally try all the way to the cashier station to convince you to change your mind. This includes subtle tactics like supervisors showing dismay at the sale of their preferred product to another customer, stating things like 'who authorized this?', or 'this is way below our cost!', while clearly within earshot of you.

Conclusion: If you can dodge all the sales tactics, stay firm on what you want to purchase, and ensure the sales person is never really happy with your final decision, shopping at visions is in fact worth it.

Story: when I bought my fantastic samsung 60" 3d plasma at the Marine Drive store, I spoke to a seasoned sales person, who had been selling tv's for over 20 years. He picked up immediately that I knew exactly what i wanted, and he also understood that I knew my products and prices. He recommended the proper wall mount for my heavy glass tv, and gave me a good deal on it too. He openly stated he could see I knew what I was talking about, and he really only wanted to make sure I was a happy customer, as it's the happy ones that come back to him to buy their next tv. No pressure, no b.s. It just goes to show that it does matter who you talk to, and how.

Final note: The Surrey store is a total joke, full of sales reps who seem to be glued to the floor behind the cash till, more concerned about their social life than their job. I walked in there ready to spend money and they put almost no effort into showcasing the tv I wanted. Why? Loss leader. Their attitude and efforts tell you everything. If I wanted a tv with a decent profit, they would be tripping over each other to make the sale. Marine Drive got my business instead.
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post #57 of 60 (permalink) Old 2019-01-09, 09:36 PM
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Angry Vision Electronics From Hell

This company should be shut down with their fake 100% guaranty offer. In reality they do not honer their refund. They sell defective open box returned item claim the item is new. When you prove the open box item they sold you was in fact a damaged return they refuse to refund you. They claim a repair or replacement need to be approved by store manager who seems to be off not in that day or any day. He is never reachable. When we thretoned to call the police and take legal action the store manager seem to appear from now here and did refund in full. Be aware there are over 50 similar claims filed with BBB. This is a pattern of costumer service in each and every store.
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post #58 of 60 (permalink) Old 2019-01-11, 09:00 AM
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Yet with my experience, they offered me a refund and let me exchange my tv, with no hassles as long as it was within their 30 day window. This happened on more then one occasion as I kept getting defective units, or ones that didn't work with my living room setup. They were really pleasant to work with and made sure I was satisfied with what I have now.
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post #59 of 60 (permalink) Old 2019-01-11, 11:53 AM
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A lot depends on the store manager. I ran into a similar situation with another big box electronics chain. The manager at the store refused to honor a warranty replacement that met both manufacturer and store policy. I had to contact the manufacturer to force the store to provide a replacement. He stood and leered at me while the staff claimed they didn't have one. I went to another store and they cheerfully provided the replacement. That store lost my business.
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post #60 of 60 (permalink) Old 2019-01-15, 05:23 PM
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I have had several dealings with Visions over the last few years. No complaints.
In July 2013 i got one of the last Panasonic Plasma. I think it was the 50ST60 (mid range priced one) and they "worked" in the price of the extended warranty for "free"
Ended up being 7 years of extra warranty.

Fast forward to January 2017. TV got the "8 blinks of death" error. Called Visions on a Thursday. Following Tuesday repair people took TV away. 2 days later (Thursday) I get call from Visions telling me my new TV is ready to be picked up. Old TV could not be fixed. They were offering me a mid range Samsung LCD. Opted instead to put the $$ towards a better TV and got the 55in KS8500. Also got extended warranty.

About a year ago i went looking for a 40in-ish 4K HDR TV to use with the Playstation Pro. Got another Samsung but ended up returning it. Both the Samsung TVs were in same room and the remotes made them impossible to use at same time. (turn one on - other turns off etc) No problem getting refund.

Ended up getting a 43inch LG at Costco.

BTW - the two large sets i got at the Marine Drive store. The smaller set i got in Burnaby but i returned it to Marine Drive.
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