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HDMI Out from PC choppy when routed through receiver, but not TV

Hey Folks,

I've got a Dell m11xr2 computer which I commonly connect up to my Onkyo HT-RC270 receiver via HDMI which then connects to my Panasonic Viera p54vt25. For the most part this works great, but when watching movies, I find the video is sometimes choppy. It's usually fairly minimal, but I always notice it and it annoys the heck out of me. Sometimes if I reboot the computer, things will improve. I've always assumed it was the computer and looked at GPU, CPU, hard drive and network stats trying to figure out where the bottle neck is.

Today, I had the bright idea of connecting the computer directly to the TV via HDMI. This isn't entirely optimal for the audio portion of things, but I figured it was worth a try. The video plays 100% perfectly smooth this way. Zero choppyness what so ever. The downfalls were teh limited sound options (I can't remember how the tv connects to the receiver for sound, as nothing ever connects directly to the TV). There were other minor issues, but the video quality was perfect even when playing a 3D film through the notebook for test.

So now, my question is: why is my receiver slowing down the video? The sound never misses a beat or isn't choppy, why is the video when processing it through the receiver? I've tried tons n tons of different file types n codecs, but the only item to have ever made any noticable difference was the switching the video from receiver to tv.

Thoughts? Are there settings on the receiver I can potentially mess with to improve this? Other video through the receiver seems fine (shaw cable, PS3 blurays, etc). I haven't tried attempting to play a computer file via my PS3 as it is often limited by the file-types in which it can play and HDMI out to the receiver is generally just easier to do and control.
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