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Paul Clancy
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htpc for rv use.

Hi Folks,
Looking for some wisdom on a proposed setup in my RV. We travel to the US mainly and have park cable hookups most everywhere. I'd like to be able to pvr programs and the setup I'm thinking of is an hd homerun dual tuner box with a mac mini (server 2.66 core2 duo nvidia graphics w/2 500gig drives hdmi out dual booting win7ent) feeding samsung 32 inch led tv (have only the tv so far). The mini would do some home duty as well. If there is a standalone box that can do this cheaper (getting the mini @ $400/hd homerun $129) I'd prefer that but don't see anything so far.
PS I know there is no analog pvr capability in this setup but am hoping most park cable has digital by now in the better parks.
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