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Just thought I'd follow up and post what I ended up going with. I passed on the Ideacentre due to the questionable Atom processor and decided to build something custom instead. It ended up being a little more expensive than I was hoping (approx. $540-$550 + tax) but this thing is going to fly.

I've ordered everything over the last week or so - still waiting on a couple pieces to arrive. Here are the specs that I went with (and prices):

AMD A8-3870 Quad-3.0Ghz 4MB + Radeon HD6550 $140
ASRock A75M microATX motherboard $95
Silverstone ML03B case $56
Seasonic SS-400ET power supply $47
Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB RAM $45
Crucial M4 SATA3 64GB SSD $95
250GB HDD (old drive - will replace with large 2TB+ drive once prices drop)
Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote $32
DVD Drive/Burner $22
In most cases I was able to do in-store pick-up so there were only minimal shipping costs (about $15 in total).

I know some of this is a bit overkill for an HTPC but it was worth the added cost to me. In my case, I want to have some extra flexibility if I need to re-purpose the machine as more than an HTPC in the future. (If not, I might have went with an A6-3500, 2x2GB RAM and a 32GB SSD (Patriot Torqx2) to save about $100 - I doubt there would be much difference between the two builds when using it strictly as an HTPC.)
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