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I just talked with live chat and they said it wasn't possible:

Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Ryan.
Rep: Thank you for contacting Eastlink, my name is Ryan, and I will be assisting you today, how may I help you?
Me: Hello Ryan, I just have a pretty basic question
Rep: And what's that question?
Me: Well, I'm considering buying a DCX3400 model, and I'm wondering if one with the Shaw brand is still able to be activated with Eastlink
Me: From what I've researched online, people have said it can be done, so I guess I'm looking for confirmation one way or the other
Rep: I am sorry, but you would not be able to activate that box with Eastlink. There are the same make/model receive however it is the programming in it that is different.
Rep: This make and model receive is manufactured by Motorola, and there are many different companies that use this receiver. Each receive is programmed to work with a specific company.
Rep: Did you have any additional questions today?
Me: I suppose not. It's a shame though, it seems other people had success doing that.
Rep: I am sorry for the troubles, but it would not work with our service.
Rep: The equipment itself would work fine, the programming is the problem.
Rep: Did you have any additional questions today?
Me: the programming as in the software?
Rep: Yes
Me: alright, fair enough...thank you for your help

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