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DCX3400 and Eastlink

This is some information for curious Eastlink subscribers who may be wondering if the "Shaw" Motorola DCX3400 can be activated by an Eastlink subscriber in NS (specifically the Annapolis Valley). Recently (Boxing day sale) I purchased a DCX 3400 from Best Buy online for the rock bottom sale price of $149 (regular price $199). Since the price point for the Eastlink model is around $400 I felt it necessary to do some comparison shopping. An Eastlink rep assured me that the 'M' model would be activated by Eastlink and so I went ahead with the purchase and it has been an unqualified success.
So the moral of the story is buyer beware if you are price conscious. Admittedly the code that they needed to activate the box was not in their inventory but a Supervisor was contacted to make that happen so the box could be activated. Since we are all trying to save a few bucks nowadays especially with the high channel subscription rates I felt that my experience could help others who were as curious as I was before Christmas. The impetus for this endeavour was the realization that in order to experience the Free preview of Hollywood Suite, the DCX 3400 would have to be purchased (or rented). $400 was out of my price range but $199 is more manageable.
Also, since I was in the market to extend my hard drive space with a stand alone external hard drive, this solution has now expanded my hard drive capacity to a whopping 500gb from my previous 160gb afforded to me by my older DCT6416. A "suite" solution all around!
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