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hey there guy's,

once again loads of good advise.

Here's where I am at the moment and why

1> Wind mobile internet, just to get me out of a bind, its also pretty cool.
am on the unlimited, plan.

2> connecting the PC to the HDMI (used rthe existing connection didnt extend yet) and its a bit mank,, that is I cant use the other samsung wifi features, also the full screen isnt great.

3> The other features of the TV are so best controlled via the hand controller rather than the PC

4> I also have another pc which I use form time to time

so... its looking like I need to get either

1> A wireless/hub router for the wind stick and go that route
2> Go via a wireless/cable into the home

I think I will start another thread if thats ok, asking about comparisons.

(if thats ok MODS)

cheers Adrian
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