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My cousin got a Wind USB stick. He has an iPad without USB connection - just wifi. I had an Asus WL-520GU router doing nothing. This router has an USB port and is DD-WRT and Tomato compatible. I found a Tomato release with WAN support using USB stick.

I installed the Tomato firmware on my WL-520GU. Configure it to dial Wind network on power up. It has been working since May.
WL-520GU is around $30-$40. Tomato firmware is free.

You will hit the Wind 5GB limit very quickly if you download NETFLIX movies .

If you already has a wired ISP wireless router, you can get a DD-WRT compatible router and configure the DD-WRT as client bridge mode which serves as a wireless adapter for your Samsung TV connecting to your your main router wirelessly. BTW, Samsung sell wireless adapter for their wireless ready devices. But using DD-WRT router as wireless adapter, you can connect up to 5 wired only LAN devices such as Xbox 360 and you Samsung TV.

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