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Gino Cerullo
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There's nothing wrong with that as long you you know the difference between what an Apple ID is and what an iCloud account is.

Apple IDs are confusing to people now that they are used for more than just registering your hardware purchases and joining Apple Community forums. Now that they are also used for iTunes store accounts that can be shared amongst other people that kind of throws an wrench in things as you have to think about it a little.

Once Apple introduced MobileMe, and now iCloud, more people become confused about the concept of what an Apple ID was and how it differs from an iCloud account Since to many people they are both the same thing as they use their iCloud account for their Apple ID as well. And again there is nothing wrong with that it just gets confusing.

Apple hasn't helped the situation. Their literature and help files seem to use them interchangeably sometimes so that also confuses people.
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