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The multiple ID's would solve a lot of problems. I first started having issues when I hit the 5 computer limit (What we can't have a HTPC in every room ?) I recently had to create an apple ID for each of my family members for facetime to work so people can call my daughter in her room, wife in the living room etc -(I just wish it was more reliable on wifi and across different versions of OS )

A separate ID may help but my ID is the one used to pay for all the songs movies apps books etc and the passcode is stored in all devices and all my family knows it (this I must admit is a bit of a problem with the TV remote as it doubles as an apple tv remote and I find we often randomly buy or rent a movies when your channel surfing or in the menu etc )

My preference would be if they had a "family account" and we could each have a separate user ID and share across the common family ID
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