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Just like BerinG's, our second TV lost several channels last week, when Videotron went from analog to digital.

We broke down and bought a 2nd illico terminal (from Best Buy which sells them cheaper than Videotron), and got all of our channels back - and even a few more. Problem: our VCR no longer works. It seems that it is not compatible with the new terminal.

We called Videotron. At first, the technicians tried to help and suggested different ways of connecting the cables; but when it still wouldn't work, they told us that the problem was the VRC itself, which didn't "recognize digital signals", and encouraged us to purchase Videotron's digital recorder instead (I'd sooner cancel my account with them).

Still ....must I replace my beloved Pioneer 550 H VCR with a more recent model - even though it's only 3 years old? All suggestions welcome.
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