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Yes, I've been affected by this... Yet, I relied on the TV advertising that only OTA would affected and that if you had a provider the analogue service would still be provided.

On September 28th, I get home to find out I lost half of my service. On all of the faulty stations, Videotron mentioned the September 20th letter (which I never received, even took time to go back to my correspondence to make sure I didn't oversee such important letter). Next day talking with one of my client, same thing she never received the letter.

Finally managed to reach Videotron on Sunday (busy as hell)... Discussed the matter with the rep to be (politely) told what I was getting was not basic and had been getting a free bee. I was paying (for roughly 15 years) approx 17$ for some like 60 channels (2nd service) and he was now offering me a 10 channels package for 38$.

I don't use HD for my TVs (only for HT) as they are both CRT TVs in excellent conditions and it would be nonsense for me to pay HD pricing so I politely asked the representative to terminate my Videotron TV service ASAP. He then asked me about my internet service, (wrong question ) he shouldn't have asked, I told him to terminate this also ASAP! I am now looking for avenues (will be looking at OTA, need to get my antenna out of retirement).
This gives me an excuse to finally get of the cable and see if OTA sastisfies me. I have yet to purchase a converter as most stores are either out or do not sell since they are committed to the service providers own equipment (IE: Brick, The Source and potentially Best Buy?). No biggy, our Canadian stores will not sell them? I will be patient and get one cheaper from the US!!! ; - )
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