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I just found out about it now that the channels are gone. I think I have received a letter about it but I was sure it was about OTA not working anymore without a box.. but since we are not using OTA, I did not think it had anything to do with classic cable.

We have 2 STBs and 1 TV using regular cable straight to the TV in our bedroom. So essentially they are just removing the channels and thats it? Are they giving credits to users of classic cable?

Do I have to buy another STB, and have an installer come and make holes through my floors and ceilings to bring their own cable to our bedroom? (I already currently have a properly run cable through walls and attic.. but I'm fairly sure they don't use preinstalled cables) and on top pay an extra 2.99$ for the extra STB.

Not too happy about this.. I was under the impression that only OTA was affected by this change. Everytime they change anything, never really seems to advantage me and the more I think about canceling all services. Guess its my fault for not keeping up to date.

Apparently this is an issue only in the Gatineau area..

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