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I tuned into Whitney, for all the promoting NBC put into the show, I have to say it was bad. I don't normally tune out half way through, but I killed it half way in. She was on Howard Stern this week and if this was a cable show on HBO or something it would a monster hit. Sadly, her style of comedy is not what the show had.

I also tuned into the L&O: SVU premiere and they should've replaced Stabler with another guy. I also dislike how they focused a bit on Olivia and her relationship with Stabler. The thing I always liked about L&O was that the cops were cops and the focus was the case. By not developing their backstories as much, it made it easier to switch out actors. I will still watch, but it has lost a step.

My PVR also has Prime Suspect, Playboy Club and Free Agents on it. I hope that they are good.
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