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David Zeno
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wow, pretty sad :-(

At least I can go back to Starchoice at any time because I have all the equipment, but yes I'm very disappointed in the Illico box.

Firmware fix would fix that guide up nicely. Starchoice suggests you turn your box off overnight, so that it can update, it can update firmware automatically, which is very nice.

The only reason I switched to Videotron, is the terrible signal I get during storms, - you get any amount of rain, and you get a loss of signal with the dish, sure depends on where you live, but I had Starchoice in 3 different areas and it was always the same. The new 630 hd pvr from Starchoice is terrible, it reboots for no reason, loses signal for no reason, ( even though my other older hd boxes are still GREEN ) ( green = good satelite signal ) , I was forced to change. I will be saving some money, so that's the good thing.

On a brighter note, the customer guy at Videotron told me that we can programm our Illico boxes from a computer at the office, or at home.... how true is this ? and how is this done ? do you have to hook the box up to the Internet ? or is this done on Videotron's website, and they send a signal to my Illico box through the cable line ?

thanks for all the posts, it's nice to have great info, thank you and merci bien
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