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Illico's HD PRV doesn't have shows "NEW" and "first aired date" info

Hi guys,

I am switching over from Starchoice to Videotron, because I took a package, which will save me some money, but I tell you, I'm not so keen on the Illico HD box.

I also have the Starchoice ( Shaw ) 630 HD Pvr, and what I love about it is this.

When you are viewing the guide, you can tell when a show is brand NEW. You get a "NEW" icon on the listing in the guide, visually - this is very nice, you know that it's a new episode. If you are flipping through the guide and see CSI listed for example, you simply press "info" and it shows you the ORIGINAL air date - something I find so handy.

Both of these must-have options are missing from the Videotron Illico HD box. :-(

So instead of complaining, I'm asking, what do you guys do to get around this ? Perhaps there's a website that shows when shows are new ? perhaps a website that shows when videotron TV listings have aired originally ?

It's a shame that Videotron doesn't deem those options important, - hopefully this could be something fixed in a firmware upgrade though... but maybe not.

A bit sad about this though I have to say :-(

attached are 2 images... the first showing the "NEW" icon telling you that the show is brand new ( never been aired before today )

and ... showing "original air date"

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