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Cool If you've got a few extra dollars...

Originally Posted by vitesse View Post
One of my friends have a boat and would like to get sat TV on is boat and home.

I wonder if a motorized antenna would work on a boat. with heavy wind the tracking system of the antenna should react pretty fast.

Anyone have ever tested a Shaw Direct (or anything else) install on a boat?

If you've got a few extra dollars this is a snap to do. You'll need to get an auto-tracking Satellite attenna system. My Buddy's got a 40 foot Cabo Sportsfisher and I talked him into this when he had it built (OMG it's 6 years ago ). He has a few $ and wanted to build the ultimate sportsfisher to cruise about and primarily chase Salmon in the great Pacific Northwest.

I was counseling him, and just before I said to go with Shaw (mostly for better reception footprint at the time), he went down to the USA and someone there convinced him to go with Bell due to their familiarity with a US Satellite company (Dish) that used similar gear.

Folks who say you'll lose signal in the wind, waves, movement really don't know the technology. We tested the Cabo doing very tight figure eights at 20 knots and the Football game was locked in => not a blur. We've had Fish on 20 miles out in 14 foot swells with a 3 foot chop on top and the Lions game was on in the Salon and it was rock solid.

In those days I remember the Sea Tel system was about $6500 US (The Boat was finished in Long Beach, California). The only downside was switching birds was painful. It is a Round Dish which in those days had to cycle to get from Nimiq 4 @ 82.0° to Nimiq 1 @ 91.0°. The time it took caused the channel map to dissappear so you had to wait for it to re-initialise (about 15 minutes each time as I remember). I investigated a remedy a couple years ago with a Sea Tel distributor here in Vancouver. He advised the generation of system purchased for the Cabo, was re-design the next year and it can now quickly jump back and forth between Birds (think seconds). It's about $7,500 for it now but to retrofit it would be tough to re & re all the Cabling.

This same technology is used by all the major Cruise Ships and Yachts for the wealthy. They look like white domes high up in the superstructure.

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