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Arrow Shaw Gateway: Issues & fixes

PLEASE NOTE — The original list in this post has been superseded by a code fix.
See updates in Post #15 of this thread.

• • •

This list is a compilation of issues culled from the main Shaw Gateway discussion thread.
They apply to the ORIGINAL iS1 CODE, which has since been updated.
(With thanks for some help from forum member Jetranger.)

• User guide included with the installation is not as useful as the downloadable guide from Shaw's website.
• Ethernet ports are currently disabled.
• Content sharing with non-portal devices disabled.
• Expanders will work but only Shaw ones are supported. Others work up to 6TB.
• Remote controls cannot be paired with portals.
• No IR repeater system. IR blaster system disabled.
• No option to set up reminders.
• No video zoom options available.
• No exit button on remote.

• Recordings sort alphabetically only.
• User interface doesn't always respond immediately to commands.
• Gateway and/or portals requires occasional reboot.
• Occasional error that causes Gateway to show "Not authorized" even on subscribed channels.
• Issue with timer recording priority, when scheduled recordings overlap.
• Spontaneous/random deletion of programs in folders — sometimes entire folders.
• Recordings sometime delete themselves after viewing, when you reach the end.
• Mass deletion not possible above a certain number of episodes.
• Deleting a TV show you are watching will not always stop playback.
• Occasional issues with ordering VOD and/or PPV programs.
• Screen will occasionally go grey or suffer from severe macroblocking.
• TVs connected with component cables will sometimes experience "green screen"
• Video may freeze occasionally, as often as once every half-hour.
• Occasional audio sync issues.
• Resuming paused program in another room not smooth when watching live TV.
• Skip FWD button doesn't always work as intended.

• The gateway has been reported to generate a significant amount of noise, due to hard drive and cooling mechanism. However, such reports are inconsistent.
• Some portals have been known to overheat.
• Portals generate significant interference to reception of AM radio within about 1 metre.
• The gateway will randomly allocate recordings to internal hard drive and external hard drive when both are installed.
• Difficult to see only subscribed channels in guide.
• Galaxie music channels only show song titles
• Gateway is probably capable of call display for Shaw Phones but this feature hasn't been programmed yet.
• All outputs on portals are active and available for concurrent use.

Previous roundup of bugs/interface issues

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