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@P1x44r - I'd say give it a shot. I find it's a lot better than the old DSL. It's a fair bit quicker and more responsive.

Bell's channel lineup is pretty decent even for the packages in Montreal. Take a look at Bell's website for channels, etc that you would want. The pricing is a bit strange, but look for the 'Complete Programming Guide (PDF)' - it details the different options you can get.

As for internet speed, and what not - it's great. Typically if you get Fibe16 with Fibe TV, they'll put you on a Fibe16+. This means that when you're not watching TV, you'll get anywhere between 16 and 25Mb down. When you're watching TV, you'll get about 16Mb. You get 90Gb bandwidth cap, and can also upgrade from the 1Mb upload to 7Mb upload which is I think about $10.

So depending on what TV package you get - you're looking at maybe $50 - $70 and $58 for Fibe16.

The best thing about FibeTV is the awesome picture, especially HD content

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