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You can simply tell them what Bell is offering you and give them a chance. Some things to keep in mind:

You have three TVs, so if it's important to you, ask if FibeTV will be able to deliver HD to all three TVs simultaneously. It probably cannot.

I thought analog cable was gone as of today, so you would need a third cable box.

You only mentioned the 1st and 2nd year -- what is the third year from Bell going to cost?

For myself, I'm still waiting for FibeTV to make it out to where I live, but when it does I'm going to give it a long look, and I've told Rogers that. I have a rent-free-for-life HD PVR which, in the past, was always the "deal breaker" (Bell could not sweeten the offer enough to switch). Lately, though, Bell has been very aggressive, and if not for the non-availability of FibeTV I may have switched a couple of months ago. Now I'm on a 2-year with Rogers because the Bell guy could not say for sure that FibeTV will be available in one year.
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