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I was looking at the MTS "Features" page for another reason and noticed this blurb:

Galaxie Access is an interactive music channel found on channel 60 and 600 in your MTS TV guide. Galaxie Access allows you to choose from a variety of music genres. You can see the song name and artist information for your current song as well as the next song coming up.

Note: This feature also requires a subscription to the MTS High Speed Internet Lightning plan or a higher speed Internet plan from MTS. If you do not subscribe to an appropriate MTS Internet plan, then you can still enjoy commercial-free music on channels 601-645.
It looks like they completely rewrote the Galaxie app to be fully interactive and pull the info including the cover art over your internet connection (thus the minimum requirements). The app is the same on channel 60 and 600.

Played with the app for a few minutes and noticed the following:
  • Note that some genres take more than 1 page, so you can use the right and left arrows to browse though the list.
  • If you go into the "Cover View" you can browse the cover art for the last 10 songs played on that channel.
  • There is a "History" section where it shows the last few channels you've listened to. You can easily switch to one of the channels in the history.
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