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Thanks. I get now that I need to have all 4 lines going into the 4x8 multiswitch in order for it to work. I also get now, that there is no such thing as a 1x2 switch.

but I still think you are saying that a switch of some kind is needed even I just want to run say 1 PVR and 2 non-PVR's. I don't think this is true (did I mention that I will have a Quad LNB - 4 lines out). I think I can run 1 PVR and 2 non-PVR's without the use of a switch. It's just cause I'm trying to run 1 PVR and 3 non-PVR's that I need the switch.

Can someone confirm I don't need a switch if I'm running 1 PVR and only 2 non-PVR's?

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