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I'm a new subscriber to Shaw Direct, and the install is coming up in a couple weeks. I've ordered one 630 and 3 600's. As a result of needing 5 lines in, they have already shipped a 4x8 multiswitch for free.

I read through this thread and I think I understand, but am hoping someone can just comfirm for me:
1) In order for multiswitch to work all 4 outputs from LNB have to be connected? I can't just put 3 in to create 6 out, and then use the final out from LNB on it's own?
2) Does multiswith need to be plugged in to work? Dumb question probably but just curious.

Reason I'm asking - Long story, but basically the way my house is wired, and where I'm locating my PVR, it's best to have one line on it's own into the house, and then 3 lines in another location into the house, with the multiswitch inside plugged in.

Is it possible to forget the 4x8 multiswitch, and just have a 1x2 switch on one of the lines? Is there even such a thing as a 1x2 switch??
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