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Should be no issue with using a Time Capsule with an Actiontec on OptikTV service either. I've had a number of customers with TCs and they've never had an issue using it. Just plug the TCs WAN into the Actiontec's LAN and it should be good to go. I usually turn off the Actiontec's wifi if they prefer to use Airport.

The Actiontec V1000H is currently TELUS's default modem/router used in the delivery of OptikTV. VDSL2 capable with a 4 port 10/100/1000 LAN, wi-fi is N.

It uses the address range with the gateway address being The Actiontec is set to this range and can't be altered by the user. If your router uses the same range you must change the range of your router to avoid network conflicts. You can also DMZ your TC in the Actiontec if you require port forwarding to the internet.

- another TELUS tech
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