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Originally Posted by SpitsFanSec108 View Post
By then hopefully CBC and A Ch. will be full HD with some sub channels too.
The Windsor locals have to convert to digital by Sept 01, but don't expect ANY subchannels for them. This has been covered in various threads.
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Will the reception of the channels get better once they switch over to digital/HD? Right now I'm just using an indoor antenna, on the north-east side of town, and CBC, CTV and A are almost unwatchable. Once the changeover happens, I understand that the picture will go from constantly snowy to an "all-or-nothing" picture, but will the reception itself improve?
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If by reception you mean the power they use to transmit the signal, its on a case-by-case basis however many of the stations are for the most part going to keep their contour (i.e. the signal power and direction) the same.

As a pure guestimate, if you are getting snowy reception of those stations but can at least see something, then odds are you are going to get a lock on the signal, although it may be in the moderate range. Depending on the tuner the threshold the lock the signal may change. For example, on my Samsung TV, even 1 bar if it holds steady will give me a reliable signal, but on my AccessHD converter box, I need something like 15% signal or better and usually in the 30s to remain consistent.
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Does anyone think after the switch if we will be able to pickup CKCO or global or Sun TV or CHCH translators in Windsor proper.???
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Looks like Windsor will be pretty much limited to only Global digital OTA on CH22 out of the four you have listed. Even then reception may be a little difficult for Global as the broadcast tower is on the complete opposite end of the county. (Southeast corner)

The nearest CTV CKCO re-transmitter is in Sarnia/Oil Springs on CH42. No plans any time soon for ATSC operations with that one. (will continue analog service post transition) Also CKCO digital from Kitchener will be impossible to receive this far away.

The nearest digital transmitter of SunTV (CH19) is in London. (too far 100+ miles)
Also the future of SunTV OTA is in question.

The nearest digital CHCH re-transmitter (CH51) is almost between London and Sarnia. (Alvinston)
Though digital ERP for this transmitter will be among the best in all of southern Ontario, likely the reception will be unreliable in Windsor and most of Essex county. Atmospheric help would be needed to receive it. Northeastern and eastern portions of the county will likely have much better luck picking it up.

Hope this makes things just a bit clearer.

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I agree with Phil81. I think CIII-22 from Stevenson will be a decent-to-reliable signal when it goes digital. It may be a little weaker down by Riverside versus out in the 401 area though. Everything else is too far away or not converting to digital.
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South Windsor (Radisson & West Grand)

Hey, Great Forum & Site everyone! Much appreciated.

I have a CM4228 that I will be installing on my roof/chimney. I did not purchase a rotor and I was wondering if I will be able to receive all of the Detroit stations or if it will be necessary to have a rotor. I've researched the reception maps and it appears that all of the major networks are in the same area with the exception of channel 38 WADL. If that's the only channel I'll be missing, that would be fantastic. I really don't want the hassle of rescanning for channels and I am also wanting to run the antenna to my computer to use Windows Media Center as a DVR, so I don't want to have to remember to have my antenna at a certain position for any scheduled recordings to work. And, will I receive any Canadian channels? I thought CBC Windsor & A Channel would still be around after digital conversion, are those in the same line of sight? Oh ya, I don't have a pre-amp or anything else, just the CM4228 and brand new RG6 coax.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! If I left anything out, let me know and I'll respond accordingly. Thanks!

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sneeker, I am using an original CM 4228 (non -HD model) down at the Bridge. I am able to pull all the Detroit stations including WADL with the antenna sitting indoors. Only two I can't get are WPXD and WUDT.

As for the Windsor locals, they aren't in digital yet and won't be until Sept 01 BUT because of their close proximity and the amount of juice they pump out there should be no need to rotate the antenna except for maybe CIII-TV-22 since its signal is out in Leamington.

I can't speak for the Toledo/Flint stations though since I am using the antenna indoors. From speaking to Lighthouse, they told me the CM4228 won't work for those stations unless I put it outdoors and probably with a motor, due to the design of that antenna versus the one they recommend in this area.
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so there is another antenna that is recommended for this area? would that one require a rotor for the Toledo/Flint stations? Oh, and what is WUDT? I don't see that on dtv.gov. Thanks!
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You have to call Lighthouse and ask them what model they recommend for the area. I can't remember the brand off hand. But they did tell me that in Windsor there was a model that they suggested better than the CM 4228 because it was able to pull Detroit and Toledo at the same time without a motor. I guess it has a wider reach/arch. I wasn't buying a new antenna though, as I had brought this one down from Toronto. Also, that isn't to say a CM 4228 won't work. Try it and see. Maybe you will prove them wrong.

Info on WUDT can be had here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WUDT
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Well, the wider beamwidth means lower overall gain so I'm not sure if you'd be ahead. The best suggestion is to try the 4228 and see.
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The 4228HD works for ALL the Windsor area content.It's a matter of height and location as to how much movement is required to lock onto whats available. Digital has several factors which effect how well it works.The rotor gives you more options when it comes to the Ohio content.
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I put a DB8 20 ft high in Leamington and it performs wonders for Detroit reception. A rotor is your best bet if one antenna if used for multiple markets.

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If one location is very close, you could get away with a ganged set-up: Top antenna would be for far/weak stations, and lower antenna would be for the closer/stronger city of signals. Check the ganging thread for more.

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4228 Up & Recording in WMC

Okay, so I have the 4228 installed now and I get channels 7.1, 20.1, 56.1, & 62.1. I have checked my location on dtv.gov (N9E1Y5) and it seems like I should be getting 2.1 & 4.1 since they are in the same direction as others that work, but maybe there is some other issue? It shows 2.1 on Hi-V and 2.1 and 4.1 also show a lower "effective power". What does this mean? My antenna is strapped to my chimney (no obstruction that I can see, about 20ft up) and I currently don't have the signal split (the coax is in 3 parts, but no splitting). I plan on splitting the signal to 3 but haven't done that yet. Am I going to need an In-Line Amplifier when I do that? Or some other amplifier? I've tried reading around the forum but no luck, if someone wants to point me in the right direction that would be great. Also, is there some way I could set up another antenna to snag the Ohio channels without having to set up a rotor? I am recording OTA through WMC and I don't want the hassle of making sure my antenna's pointing in the right direction before it records. If this kind of thing is difficult, though, I am fine with just the Detroit channels.

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