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Location: North end of Lake Simcoe (Val Harbour on Barnstable Bay)
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I have the Db-8 and cm7777 preamp that combination works good/great for my location... I got the DB-8 because it was the recommended antenna from the list, the CM4228 was second on the recommended list at the time.... now it appears a modified cm4228HD is the recommended antenna.... I may get one and modify it to compare with the DB-8.

My real next step is to get a ATSC tuner for my HD ready Hitachi.

IF I recall correctly there was someone posting about channel they got from Alliston... look for that post and see where he was located and what his setup was and what he could pull in.
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OTA tv for inside Alliston


molly552 has been sucessfull in setting up the sytem. I do not know the exact location. I have sent private message, but have not heard since. I will try a moderator to check how can I contact molly552. Thanks for your help.
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Lost channels overnight

Ok' I am new to ota dtv, I am learning but still have some issues. I bought a TIVAX DTV Converter STB-T8 from The Source, I have a MINI-STATE Amplified UHF/VHF antenna 5MS740 (They look like a space ship, generally used on campers)(I know of campers down south using these antenna's and getting many dtv channels) I can electronically rotate it.
Ok, I live in Thessalon, about an hour from Sault Ste Marie, Ont. I hooked the converter up to plain rabbit ears and scanned and picked up 10.1 WWUP (CBS) and 10.2 WFQX (FOX) so I installed my other antenna on a pole approx 20 feet(2' above two story town house), pointed it south west as directed by our local electronics shop dealer, rescanned and was pleased to pick up an additional 2 channels, 8.1 WGTQ (ABC) and 8.2 WTOM (NBC). This morning 10.1 and 10.2 were acting up, ie black screen and intermitent picture. It was reading 100% signal though. I rescanned and lost both channels, been rescanning all day roataing the antenna every which way but loose but only getting 8.1 and 8.2 100% signal. Did I do something wrong or is it a network issue?
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It could be a station thing or atmospheric conditions. But also, the antenna you have is fair to poor- you would do better if you picked up one that was listed on the antenna chart-e.g., Channel Master, Winegard, Antennas Direct. I travel through the Nickel belt regularly and I'm amazed at the number of antennas off houses- usually the big VHF/UHF combos.


91XG (47'), YA-1713 (42'), CPA-19, DB4e (37'); Denon AVR-1312
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ota TV for inside Alliston

On the weekend, I installed a DB8 with pre amp CM7777. Hoisted it 20ft. high on the deck. That makes it 25ft. from ground. I am getting most of the channels mentioned by 'morehp' on analog. I have 3 tvs, all working well.
I also connected a channel master analog to digital converter to one of the non HD tvs. But I am able to get one or 2 channels on HD. CBC -5 and CHCH-11. Any suggestions for improvements?
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Around Echo Bay, you won't get any Canadian signals in digital, but according to my friend in that town, in analog you will get:

2 - CTV - Sault Ste. Marie (CHBX)
4 - NBC - Cheboygan, MI (WTOM)
5 - CBC - Sault Ste. Marie (CBLT)
8 - ABC - Sault Ste. Marie, MI (WGTQ)
10 - CBS - Sault Ste. Marie, MI (WWUP)
12 - Global - Sault Ste. Marie (CIII)

Sault Ste. Marie also has TVO on Channel 20 and Radio-Canada on 26, although my friend in Echo Bay never mentioned getting those.

I wouldn't use TVFool for much in Canada outside Toronto since they use American FCC data, which shows a lot of Canadian digital station allocations as actually broadcasting when in fact they are not. However for Toronto, border areas receiving U.S. channels and the U.S. itself, it's an excellent resource.
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Location: North end of Lake Simcoe (Val Harbour on Barnstable Bay)
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a quick test to see what you can get in digital...(with what you have right now). use just 1 tv.... .... ie don't split the signal into 3 lines..splitting will lose db .. you want to maximize the signal to try in pull in the weak signals.... this assumes a strong signal is not over driving the ATSC tuner or the pre amp.

see if this increases the signal strength. if it helps and you pull in a few more stations.... its a good starting point as you will narrow the direction you need to go in.

you stated you have 3 TVs and a channel master 7000 so does that mean you have 2 TVs with atsc tuners and one without? if yes try each tv by itself as the atsc tuners in each TV may perform different/better than the other and also try the channel master by itself... as it may perform better than the ATSC tuners in the TVs.

yeah I know it sucks when you hear that guys in the golden horseshoe area have no problem pulling in Buffalo channels and all the canadian stuff.... it almost makes me want to move south... DOH !!!! so the next time I buy a place near the top of the list is.....

#1 do you get DSL high speed internet.... if I have to put up with dial up at home again... I'll have to kill someone ..... since where I'm located now highspeed is about 5KM way .... bastards.... would it have killed them to go the extra 5 KM : (

#2 how is the OTA reception. I'm just hoping when canada goes digital OTA the broadcasting towers will stay at the same power they were at in analog... since I read digital signals at the same broadcasting power as analog covers a larger area...... however I'm sure the cable and satellite companies will lobby the CRTC to restrict digital OTA , hoping that they will not loose too many subscribers to digital OTA.
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topogrphical map

Some from Alliston are having good luck with OTA reception. I am not too bad. However, if I could see a map that gives the elevations of my area, (topography) if I understand it correctly, it would be nice. Does anyone know how can we get this information? Thanks.
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Location: North end of Lake Simcoe (Val Harbour on Barnstable Bay)
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you can use TV fool

and click on start MAPS


enter your address or coordinates
its not a true topo map but some ground elevations can be seen so if you know the area you will know where a hill is at

you can get your coordinates here
(this map may give you an indication of the topography in the area)


maybe this is enough .... most likely not
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morehp and all, see Post #10 in the OTA FAQ for step-by-step instructions on using TVFool and other web resources for antenna aiming.

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OTA TV for inside Alliston

I have set up my antenna 30ft. from ground level. A DB8 with CM7777 and a rotor. Mounted alongside my chimney. I am able to get most of Toronto Channels nice and clear and even Buffalo grand valley ones now and then. The buffalo channels are not reliable. I have noticed that the signal is stronger during evenings. When scanning I can see a lot of channels. But no picture. What is happening? Do you think I need to raise my antenna higher? Or can another DB8 or a good DIY antenna would be better? Any Ideas? Thanks.
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quatro can you please post your TVFool results here?

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quatro, we've been having a nice run of tropo lately and reception has been abnormally high. Being so far north you are going to be very sensitive to this since most of the Buffalo channels are very far and very weak. My guess is the only Buffalo station you will get year-round will be CW.
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Question Near Haliburton: reception results and recommendations

Hi All,

I'm very new to the forum - lots of great info. here - wish I found this site a couple of years ago.
We have a cottage near Haliburton, and I'm currently runnning a Delhi Super Too (defintiely not the choice for deep fringe), with a Radio Shack rotator roof mounted (about 30 ft up from "lake" level).
When I first installed the Delhi (which came with the VU-8PZ power boost/mast mount pre-amp), reception was poor at best. My neighbours off shore $30 anteanna/roatator way better (though he is at a higher elevation). After about a year, I had no signal at all, and suspected the pre-amp. I bypassed the preamp, and connected the antenna to a balun and reception was much improved (compared to using the pre-amp when it was "operational"), though it is very much weather dependent.
This week I took apart the pre-amp, and found the o/p wire that fed the signal to the co-ax connection in the mast mount pre-amp was broken. Re-soldered it, remounted it, and was back to crappy reception. Removed it once again. I suspect the pre-amp never worked right.

I'm thinking of adding a pre amp (possibly Antennas Direct PA-18). Do you think this is worthwhile? System has all new RG-6 cable, one grounding block, older Panasonic GAOO TV

I have attached the TV Fool data.


With no pre-amp I get channel 2,3,11,12 with fair consistency. 5 and 7 are less consistent, no UHF at all. Unusual tropo last weekend - was receiving 6 (Ottawa) perfectly.
Thanks in advance

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