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ota in sault ste marie

is there anyone from the soo out there?
have questions about ota antenna
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Yes, there are previous posts from the Soo in this thread. Also follow the steps in Post #10 of the OTA FAQ so that we can see what your reception possibilities are.

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Sault, Michigan DTV Station Reception

FYI to all. I live in Kalkaska, MI and can receive local DTV stations that have already made the transition (PBS/27.2 & 27.3, ABC/29.1, NBC/29.2, & Fox on 33.1) with a small roof antenna but I also rec'd all on my bar TV with 1/2 of a rabbit ear pasted to the wall. CBS station has yet to transition on a local tower and I am hoping to still see them on 12th of June. I spend the summer at Hilton Beach on St Joe Island outside of the Sault and got no DTV channels on my houseboat using converter box and very basic RV. I expect I have the same hope for the Island. that I will be able to get analog 9/10 on a digital signal after June 12. Interested in any post where someone in the Sault area has actually been able to receive digital signals ............ Thanks.

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You will need a VHF AND UHF antenna for the Soo.

beginning Friday, June 12th

easy to get channels, all Goetzville, MI transmitters
network RF channel virtual channel
CBS: RF10 10.1
FOX: RF10 10.2
ABC: RF8 8.1
NBC: RF8 8.2

MUCH more difficult... if not impossible
NBC: RF35 4.1 Cheboygan, MI
ABC RF35 4.2 Cheboygan, MI
PBS: RF24 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 Atlanta, MI
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Barrie area??

Hi, can anyone recommend what to get for up here in Barrie for good OTA and HD reception? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Greetings and welcome johnf 63.

It depends on what channels/networks you want to get, Can., or US?

Can. transmitting near Barrie should be no problem, Toronto more difficult and US very difficult but possible depending on gear and $$$.

You could also build one through this site, a DBGH.
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Thx Goforit, I just want to be able to get local Tor. stations and the major networks from Buffalo, in HD if possible.
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johnf 63,

It also depends on your location- near obstructions, in a valley/ on a hill?

You'll need to do a little homework on your location (see TVFool) and signal strength.

And again- it depends on what you want to invest.
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Originally Posted by johnf_63 View Post
Thx Goforit, I just want to be able to get local Tor. stations and the major networks from Buffalo, in HD if possible.
Hi John, Sorry to disappoint you, but Barrie is an awful long way from Buffalo for OTA signals. With good equipment, you can probably get Toronto stations fairly reliably, if your on high ground. I looked up the map on remote central and it says grand island is 101 miles and ABC is 132 miles from barrie. Plus, the I'd guess the hill is about 500 ft above lake ontario before going down a few hundred toward lake simcoe.

Samsung TV, Pio-Elite AVR, OppoBD, Wharfedale Speakers, Kicker/Crown Subs, DB-4e OTA:)
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Originally Posted by guy55 View Post
Hey out there I'm pretty much a newbie at OTA so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about what I could receive at Wasaga Beach. Could I get Toronto stations or am I better to point it at the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Just checking out this thread, guy55 never gave an update from Wasaga Beach.

I have a house up there and I bought a 4228. I'm waiting for an installer to come and put it on the roof, beside the dish.

I checked out the list on TV Fool and I have to say, I'm really surprised that much is available.

Do you guys think I can Toronto HD stations with the 4228 on the roof?

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Brechin area

Does anyone have reception results for north Lake Simcoe? Lagoon city or Bayshore?

The commercial sponsor of this forum recommended crossfire 3671 or 3679 with a preamp and I should be able to receive Toronto, though not Buffalo.

I have a 40 foot tower (currently lying on the ground) plus an extra section that I am thinking of using. Anyone in my area that can put it up or recommend someone local that can?
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post #177 of 764 (permalink) Old 2009-07-11, 03:30 PM
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sudbury ontario

lokking for inof on what chanes are avalibe in the sudury area and what would work around here..
thanks for any help
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Just your local Sudbury channels, but you could possibly get some US channels- Michigan, with some great tropo at night. The closer you are to the Soo, maybe past Blind River, the better your chances.
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Thumbs up results from east side of barrie - do I need a good preamp or more height?

Hi all, I'd just like to start by saying "thanks" for all the great posts and information. I would also like to share my results so far, and ask some advice. I have installed a new DB8 at approximately 27 feet AGL facing the location of the CN tower in Toronto from my house in the east end of Barrie - no rotor - with a clear view through some old trees of the south using a 10 ft 1" EMT pole on an RCA chimney mount, approximately 50 ft of RG6 cable, and a no-name cheap preamp I have borrowed to test with (claims include 28 dB UHF variable gain and noise <= 5dB). I am also considering using a VHF Yagi I received (I measured the elements and its in the Channel 9 frequency range - may be perfect for CFTO 9 digital post transition. My TVFool results are here: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...74fa1f14d67b8f
Currently, I am only tuned to the analog transmissions but my next step is to test for digitals with an STB. I can reliably receive the following on a JVC 37" CRT:
3 - A Channel - (attenuated with a cheap splitter, it seems to be the "strong" signal here - tower is hidden behind some big trees at my location
16 - CBC local repeater
25 - SRC
41 - Global (weak during daytime)
47 - OMNI 1 (weak during daytime)
55 - SRC
57 - CITY
67 - E! (weak and only available at night - this is being received from a transmitter to the north behind the antenna)
69 - OMNI 2 (only at night)
9 CTV from Toronto was being received with some "snow" prior to the preamp being hooked up

I have been reading the posts regarding mounts, baluns and preamps, but I wanted some expert advice - with these results, should I be considering a winegard preamp such as the 8700, to be able to handle the strong Channel 3 signal here? My signals are remarkably improved at night - almost crystal clear - and I am not sure if I require more height or just a decent preamp.

Thanks in advance
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Hi drgonzo and thanks for a great opening summary, it gives us excellent info to work with. My very first concern is a huge one - looking at your TVFool results you have a situation of looking just over and to the left of three powerful local TV stations to get distant ones.

For an antenna solution I would normally suggest the Deepest Fringe prescription on the Antenna Chart, but given that you need to see past local transmitters I would suggest a pair of vertically stacked Antennas Direct 91XG Yagis for UHF. They are very picky to aim correctly, which is exactly what we want in a case like yours since their pencil-beam reception is a desirable feature to get around the local signals. A member in the Kitchener thread has done very well with stacked 91XGs.

CKVR will be on Channel 10 after the transition and I have the feeling that your proximity to their transmitter means that even the 91XGs will pick it up without your need for a VHF antenna. If it turns out that you will need a VHF, you could put up a very basic dipole tuned to Channel 10.

Its possible that you will need to notch filter CKVR, CBLT, and CBLFT. If there are also FM Radio stations transmitting from that antenna farm you'll want to trap all that out. Many common preamps have switchable FM Traps. These steps would only come after testing without them.

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