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Yes, I receive all Buffalo stations except for WBBZ 67 (rf7).
Reception is not 100% reliable as some transmitters are 115 miles away. but still very good. WNLO 23, WNED 17, WUTV 29, and WIVB 4 are the strongest.
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So I've got my DB4e set-up in the attic. - approx 30 ft above ground.
Installed the VHF kit and a Juice Amplifier.

All of the Toronto networks are coming in beautifully as well as CKVR out of Barrie. I successfully got WNLO out of Buffalo, but I'm having a fair bit of trouble picking up WUTV (FOX) or any of the other American networks.

I'd really like to pick up the FOX network.

Here is my TV Fool report. TV Fool

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.
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Sorry to hear that you are not receiving your targeted channels. In re-reading my responses to you, I may have given you the impression that I was receiving Buffalo channels with a DB4e in the attic. In fact I have a db8e on the roof which brings alot more signal into the equation. However, try these two things:

1)Have you carefully followed the JUICE pre-amp instructions? The pre-amp should be mounted at the antenna. Check to make sure that you are powering the unit as well. A mis-installed pre-amp can act as an attenuator. You may even try removing the pre-amp.

2) I assume that you have tried aiming the antenna to optimize Buffalo channels- about 160 degrees from your location.

Had I known that getting Fox 29 as well as other Buffalos were important to you, I would have recommended the DB8e (two DB4Es combined). Even so, it' s hard to say that the extra 3db of signal that an antenna upgrade brings would make Buffalo channels appear.
Perhaps your retailer would exchange the db4e for a db8e. Some asssembly would need to take place in the attic.
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Originally Posted by warpax View Post
So I've got my DB4e set-up in the attic.....I successfully got WNLO out of Buffalo, but I'm having a fair bit of trouble picking up WUTV (FOX) or any of the other American networks.
Hello, warpax
WUTV is a lot weaker than WNLO; it will be very difficult for you to pick up. The tvfool FAQ says for the color in the report:

An attic-mounted antenna is probably needed to pick up channels at this level and above
A roof-mounted antenna is probably needed to pick up channels at this level and above
These channels are very weak and will most likely require extreme measures to try and pick them up

WUTV is in the grey.

TV Fool

WUTV is on RF channel (real) 14. Most UHF antennas have the lowest gain at the low end of the UHF band. As chinadog mentioned, the DB8E is your last resort, because Antennas Direct redesigned the DB4E and the DB8E when UHF was limited to 14 to 51, giving them a little more gain for 14. It is not known if the DB8E would give you enough extra gain to make a difference.

You are on the fringe of coverage for WUTV. Note that only 55kW out of 1000kW ERP is sent your way because of the WUTV directional antenna as a result of the non-interference agreement with Canada.

The FCC Longley-Rice coverage shows no signal for your area:

Link to FCC map:

The only other thing I can think of is to tilt the antenna to aim above the horizontal to catch the signals coming down from the peak. This would be a custom mod for a bowtie antenna and might not be as effective in the attic as outside. The 91XG and HDB91X have a tilt feature, but probably have less gain for 14.

Have you tried different locations in the attic for the antenna to find a hot spot for the signal?

WUTV will be moving to channel 36 after repack is settled; that might help as far as antenna gain is concerned:

They have filed an application for channel 36 that shows a little less power with Elliptical Polarization, which might help.

Moving the antenna outside would help, but might not guarantee 100% reliable reception.

If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
Lord Kelvin, 1883

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Unfortunately you are probably just too far away to get Buffalo stations reliably.
Fox has a weak signal to the north, so it may be the hardest.
WNLO has the strongest signal.
During Winter things get worse.
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Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
Curious how others in the Woodbridge/Maple area of Vaughan are making out in pulling in ABC (7.1) and NBC (2.1)? For years I've tried to get these last two to come in but I think my particular area (street?) is just not meant to have it.

Decided to use this weekend to tinker around again so I went out and bought a new preamp (Juice) to replace my older HDP-269, get a VHF kit and swap my CM-4228HD with the DB8 I had used in the past. Last year I put the CM-4228HD back up just to change things up but I think I should always go with the DB8.

Anyways, tried the new preamp with the DB8 but nada. I couldn't even get those two channels to pull in a strong enough signal with my laptop and usb tuner directly plugged into the antenna (bypassing the preamp). Moved it around all I could and it's like it wasn't even there. NBC would come in every now and then but mostly pixelated. Oddly enough CBS (4.1) comes in super strong and 17.1, 23.1, 29.1 also are strong enough that they're solid channels for watching tv. There are no other US stations I can get unless I start moving the antenna westwards to pull in 26.1 but then it affects the other US channels so I decided not to go for that. FYI, I have the antenna on a 10 ft pole so it all sits about 25-30 ft from the ground next to the chimney.

So how do the rest of you do?

TV Fool report:
TV Fool

Hi Lobo,

Its been a while since I've logged into forum. I have had my 4228HD on my roof for close to 10 years and all is still working.

The Canadian Channels 5.1, 9.1, 19.1,41.1, 57.1 and some others are a given the American Channels are typically good though at times they are a right off like 2.1, 4.1, 7.1, 17.7, 29.1 etc.

Overall, when the system is working right it is great. At times when I'm watching an American station and it cuts in and out...its a pain.

I accept it for what its worth. All and all, I am still using OTA and have weaned myself off of cable. At times I am out of town or at friends place with cable... its nice, lots of selection, quality is good...but I can live without it.

As an aside I have Netflix and Kodi to compliment OTA for TV viewing.

OTA is not a perfect system, it reminds me of good'ol days with antenna but with much better quality.

Fifth Man
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Vaughan ON Reception


I am hoping to get some advice about OTA reception in Vaughan.


The link is the tv fool report i did my home. I am north of Highway 7 at Weston Rd.

I have a DB8e - I tried a Juice amplifier but it received the number of channels. I believe that the pointing may be off.

The report states that I should get 23 out of buffalo with no issues but I do not receive it at all.

Does anyone else have a set up in Vaughan and how many channels can you realistically receive from buffalo

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I have the exact same setup. DB8E and juice amp.

I am further North than you , at Hwy 9.
I usually get WKBW (ABC) and WUTV (FOX) 90% of the time.

Since WIVB (CBS) changed location to real ch 32, it is unreliable.
NBC is usually unreliable.

I did have to peak the antenna.
Fine tune the antenna so you get the best signal on WUTV (FOX) and the rest should come in.

Forget CBS, NBC. Just too far away
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