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You could always buy an analogue CRT like you mentioned (there are some great clearance prices on them now) and then have a shop down in Grand Forks order a new Samsung ATSC Set Top Box for you, which will take in the digital signals but output them in the 480i format that those TVs can display. Some CRT sets have 480i Component inputs too, which would give the best picture quality from the STB to the TV. You might want to check for such a feature before buying.

The Samsung DTB-H260F is the cream of the crop now. Here's the DHC thread about Sammy tuners:


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Hello again,

> Maiko, I do not think you will find what you are seeking.

I know for a fact, there are several TV's that have built in ATSC tuners. The one
that I am seriously interested (see below) IS availabe at TARGET stores (which I
just discovered over the weekend). Fargo or Grand Forks, here I come :-)

27" FD Trinitron® WEGA® Digital TV KD-27FS170

> An ATSC tuner, as built into many 16:9 ratio wide screen sets is there for the
> purpose of receiving OTA digital transmissions ...

Exactly, and that's what I want it for. For OTA stuff.

> A 'old style' 480i CRT is incapable of displaying HD, thus you will not find one
> with a built in ATSC tuner [snip] at that point you will need a set top box to ...

I understand. But I am not purchasing an old style CRT, this is a state of the art
modern television just put out by Sony. Samsung also has the SlimFit series. For
instance, here's a couple of specs on the Sony unit below :

Native Resolution: 480i
Display Resolution: 480i
Tuner: ATSC/8 VSB
Video Signal System: ATSC and NTSC
Screen Modes (4:3): Full, Zoom, Horizontal Expand, Vertical Expand

From sony -> Wide Screen Mode, watch digital 16:9 (widescreen) broadcasts
in their original widescreen format, or zoom to fill the 4:3 aspect ratio screen

I don't want an STB and since we don't subscribe to cable and such, the built
in tuner is what I have always been after. Thanks to everyone for their input.

I believe I have what I need to move on.

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Your better off just getting them old bunny ears and receiving analogue channels.

ATSC Uncompressed HD would be a waste if it was being downscaled to 480i. It would be about DVD Quality on your TV.
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OTA future in Winnipeg hinted in email responses

Just an FYI I've been doing some emailing with PBS and some other regional stations and so far I got this out of them:

Prairie Public replaced KGFE with two digital towers (one in Devils Lake and one in Crookston), which have been broadcasting since February 2006. Devils Lake is KMDE-DT (25-1, 25-2, 25-3) and Crookston is KCGE-DT
(16-1, 16-2, 16-3). More information about our digital towers is available online at http://www.prairiepublic.org/corporate/index.html.
I sent another message to clarify on that construction permit for Grand Forks, but Devils Lake and crookston on a map are pretty close, so who knows.

CTV: Thanks for your e-mail regarding digital transmission. Currently only Toronto and Vancouver have over the air HD transmitters. The station itself
is fully digital at this time. We feed MTS TV, Shaw and Starchoice a direct digital feed. We do not have a timeline regarding the switch to a digital off air transmitter at his time.

No other CTV stations have a conversion plan in place at this time.

The antennae and transmitter for digital transmission need to be purchased for each site. Costs range up to $2,000,000 per location for these two items.
.. cheap [email protected] and finally CBC:

I contacted our transmission department regarding the implementation of DTV in Winnipeg. It is currently in the CBC capital plan for 2011, subject to budget allocation and approval. *We are expecting that it will go ahead as planned, *but a reduction in government funding or commercial revenue could delay it's implementation.
2011! HOLY CRAP. But at least they have a plan for it.

I still have to contact Fox, Global, and City TV, I expect global and city have no plans whatsoever, Fox of course has no email contacts and I have to find the time to call them and see if i can get anyone to answer anything, and Omni had no idea what digital OTA even was. Stupid Bell Expressvu owned channels.
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2011? Yeesh Canada is so slow.

Other countries are so far ahead, not just the USA. For example, I download a lot of Austrailan TV shows off the net and play them on my HDTV from my PC. Did you know that all of the four major networks in Australia (Nine, Ten, Seven, and the ABC) all broadcast in Widescreen HDTV OTA in all major Australian cities (Sydney, Melborne, Adelade, Perth, Brisbane). There is no excuse for why Canada is so far behind as Australia has an even smaller population than Canada (20 million) spread over a large land mass just like here, yet basically all programming there is available in HD.
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has there been any update on the ota hd situation in winnipeg? I'm dying to see HD now that i finally purchased a 32lcd tv but from reading this thread there is no way i can get any ota HD signal in Wpg? such a shame. I guess i'll have to go with one of those bell expressvue packages.

I feel jilted for living in winnipeg. We are a relatively large community. I dont know why everything that i am interested in seems so out of the norm here, like ota HD. I hate having to switch all my tvs from shaw cable to something else requiring more hardware and fees. I read so much in the states about guys capturing and saving Hd feeds to their computers. I want to learn

can anyone else in winnipeg tell me their story that says otherwise?
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It's our fault. Only most of the Toronto & Vancouver stations have been converted over to HD. I'm sure Wpg is not a high priority on that list, somewhere in the next 10 years they still have to do Montreal, Ottawa.. Calgary...

What sucks for us is there is no Major US city close enough to us. North Dakota is just a big field
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I recently contacted the following Manitoba TV stations via email in regards to them broadcasting OTA digital (ATSC). Here's a quick synopsis:

CBC Winnipeg (CBWT analog VHF channel 6)
- no plans and no funding in place at this time to intall digital transmitter equipment / broadcast OTA digital in Manitoba

CTV Winnipeg (CKY analog VHF channel 7)
- no timetable and no plans at this time to install digital transmitter / broadcast OTA digital in Manitoba

Global Winnipeg (CKND analog VHF channel 9)
- no plans in place at this time to install digital transmitter / broadcast digital OTA in Manitoba

CityTV Winnipeg (CHMI analog VHF channel 13)
- no plans in place at this time to install digital transmitter / broadcast digital OTA in Manitoba

OMNI.11 Winnipeg (OMNI analog UHF channel 35)
- no plans in place at this time to install digital transmitter / broadcast digital OTA in Manitoba

The only Winnipeg OTA station I did not bother contacting in the Winnipeg market (and south central/south eastern portions of Manitoba) was the CBWFT (CBC French Winnipeg analog VHF channel 3). One would assume their reply would be the same as the CBWT (CBC English Winnipeg) reply as seen above.

So there you have it folks. Looks like no "digital OTA" ANYTIME WITHIN THE COMING YEARS for us people living in or near Winnipeg (and south central/south eastern areas of Manitoba).

I imagine our only hope is that one or two North Dakota/Minnesota stations which may have transmitters near the U.S./Canada border would broadcast in digital OTA eventually, but even then, unless you live near the border, you'll be S.O.L. for receiving digital OTA in Manitoba.

As I live in Steinbach,MB , I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to hear about someone/anyone who is able to pick up even one measley digital OTA channel from either North Dakota and/or Minnesota...but I fear that won't happen anytime soon, if ever.

The only thing I can brag about in this post is at least here in southern Manitoba we can receive the FOX affiliate KNRR-TV analog VHF channel 12 from the Pembina, North Dakota transmitter. And if conditions are just right (which is just about never), then the ABC affiliate WDAZ Grand Forks on VHF channel 8, again just analog OTA.

Digital OTA in Manitoba at this point is merely a pipe dream. Sad but true, to the best of my knowledge and according to the information I have seeked out and obtained in regards to this matter.
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Thank you microware, the news isn't pleasant but your efforts are very much appreciated!

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yes, thank you microware for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated for clarifying/updating the situation.

now i am very sad/angry. part of this technology's mandate was the transmission of ota HD data (i'm making assumptions and generalizations there) but it seems some people in diff regions have perfect access to this content and technology without having to pay thru the nose. but becuz i seem to live in a 'backwoods' area of the country where there is little to no interest in this technology, non of the major tv stations are doing anything to adopt it or promote it until they absolutely have to. this is very frustrating. i like where i live and grew up but it sometimes seems like we move at a diff pace than other parts of the country.

guess i'll fork over the major dollars to one of the cable or satellite providers and and set myself of with their devices. i really only wanted to try hd, i'm not the biggest fan of tv but movies in hd are very appealing to me right now. and the worst part is that i've read ota bandwith produces better picture quality than the cable or satellite providers can do. I'm a stickler for image quality and that is like adding insult to injury for me.

sorry for the rant but i'm really disappointed. guess i'll start reading up the threads about shaw and bev hd schemes and start saving up for the hundreds of dollars it will cost me to eventually gain access to hd content while others can receive it for free to minimal cost. guess the cable and sat providers are very happy right now.
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Hiya stampeder! You are very welcome!

I just wish the news regarding digital OTA in Manitoba wasn't so hopeless right now (in Spring of 2007 as I type this), and I was not all that enthralled to post the content that I did, but I thought the information was fairly vital to anyone living in Manitoba with hopes of receiving digital OTA television.

We can always hope that one or two of the tv stations in North Dakota/Minnesota will put up a really tall and powerful digital OTA transmission tower near the U.S./Canada border. But thus far, I'm not aware of any digital OTA signals being received by any southern Manitobans who are living near the Manitoba/North Dakota/Minnesota border.

It's pretty much good old analog OTA for us in Manitoba....but that raises the question.....when the U.S.A. cutoff date occurs in regards to shutting down analog TV transmissions and switching over to only digital OTA....I guess then us analog OTA people in southern MB will lose KNRR-TV channel 12 analog as well as any of the other one or two North Dakota/Minnesota analog VHF stations we can so rarely pull in reliably?

Seems like receiving OTA, whether it be analog or digital, in MB is a losing battle in the long run.
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Hiya vardigital!

In addition to Shaw Digital Cable TV and Bell ExpressVu, you may want to check out StarChoice...I know they carry a whole wack of HD channels, and most of them are included as part of the cost of the "Essentials" package, which is the second cheapest programming package they offer. Of course, you need to have one of their Motorola receivers which is capable of receiving and displaying the HD content (the DSR 5xx series I believe).

Their DSR 2xx and DSR 3xx (and older DSR 4xx without an HDD 2xx sidecar box) series are not HD capable.

And there is also the MTS Digital TV being offered to most of Winnipeg...I don't know how much HD content they carry if any, and since I don't live in Winnipeg anymore, it's a moot point for me to investigate/research that one.

Concerning digital OTA reception in Manitoba (and Winnipeg), I feel your frustration, believe me I do! But as I understand it, it would cost each of our local stations astronomical amounts of money to purchase, install, and implement all the equipment necessary to begin broadcasting digital OTA.

So bottom line is, if you live in Manitoba, your only options for receiving digital tv signals (not OTA mind you) at the time of this post (Spring 2007) are:
  • StarChoice (digital satellite)
  • Bell ExpressVu (digital satellite)
  • Shaw Digital Cable TV (in cities serviced by Shaw)
  • MTS Digital TV (over the DSL/phone lines, Winnipeg only)
I think there is also some service called Skycable or something like that...not sure if they are still around....they broadcast a terrestrial signal and one needs a special antenna (and set top box) with direct line of sight to the transmitter...I've heard mixed results and opinions on that service over the years, but I don't really know a whole lot about it. Just mentioning it here for completeness.
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Hi again vardigital,
One more thing, and I know this isn't receiving digital OTA, but you may want to consider one of those DVD rental by mail type places in order to view HDTV movie content on your new big monitor/tv screen (I think Cinemail is located in Winnipeg, and there's other DVD by mail type chain stores as well in Canada). Or just walk into your local movie rental place such as Blockbuster and rent HD DVD movies there, if they have them.

I know, it's not much of a bone to throw out there for you regarding "HD television".....
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hey microwave thanks for all your help!

the info you provided is very helpful and a great starting point for me.

Thanks a million for all your help there

as an aside yes, i am thinking about getting an hd dvd player but the local blockbuster by me doesnt carry any hd dvd content. i'm honestly turned off of hd right now. I'll stick to sd dvd's for now till i figure out what HD scheme to go with

Thanks again
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new and cofused in portage la prairie

I am getting so lost on the forum and confused by all the information.
here quite simply is all I am looking for.

OTA for 4 TV's in my house.

I live in portage la prairie, mb.

someone local (mb / winnipeg / or plap) to sell me what I need and maybe set up.

TV1 - RCA 37" LCD with built in tuner

TV2 - Toshiba 51" Rear Projection says HD monitor on it

TV3+4 - MAG (magnavision?) 19" LCD.

These are just a couple we got for our kids rooms that also had PC inputs so I assume they don't have built in tuners.

I am hoping for as many channels as possible, would like HD for the first 2 tv's and decent channel selection for the next tv's the kids have.
I would also like an idea as to where to look for channels that will be available.

thank you so much in advance, and if you can point me in the right directions I will be sure to mention your website when purchasing.

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