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Hi Bodiwood,

The reason that the digital channels are clearer is that they employ mathematical error-correction algorithms, which allow them to deliver a clear signal even over a noisy channel, up to a certain threshold. This technology is also used in DVDs, hard drives, and even the pictures sent back by NASA's space probes and rovers. (Of course, when the noise exceeds the correctable threshold on a digital channel, the artifacts are often much uglier than what you get on analog.)

This all dates back to Claude Shannon's groundbreaking 1948 paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" which provided a theoretical framework for modern error correction techniques. In particular, the Noisy Channel Coding Theorem, which forms the basis of how we which crystal-clear digital TV over noisy OTA signals. Thank you Mr. Shannon!
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Post Insignia NS-DXA1 - no ATSC on West Island


Last month, on the way home from a week vacation on Maine coast, I buy a Digital Converter, Insignia NS-DXA1 at the Best Buy Concord NH store.

When at home, I install it, and can't see any canadian TV station at all. I can only see some USA network from the Lake Champlain region.

With old fashion Analog TV, I can received all channel in the Montreal area, and some of the Lake Champlain area.

The reception is alway clear for NBC,l but other channel are not stable. Some of the time I can view 9 channels, with some puzzle reception.

Alway, I don't received any Montreal area network.

I have a standart roof antenna, and I try with 4 differents interior antenna whitout any success for Montreal channel.

I'm locate on West Island, about 15-20 KM west of Downtown Montreal, and about 100KM from Lake Champlain region.

What wrong with my setup?
What I must expect from the digital converter.

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Nothing, All the transmitters are on the east side of the mountain.
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nothing wrong

that it, nothing wrong
you are just in the bad side of the mountain...
when SRC-CBC and TQS will move there antennas to the Mt-Royal, you will catch them ...but, not this year...
Tele-Quebec will be on air on channel 27 digital in october, on the mountain, so you will receive it.
For the u.s. channels, sometimes the signal is weaker ..
clouds, storms...
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balour, I suggest you put a preamp on your outdoor antenna. I have a Channel Master 4228 and I could only get CBS in digital clearly. Since I added the preamp, I get all the channels, except for ABC.

My preamp is a $10 GE from Addison, in the East End.

Hope this helps.
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Where are you Vicky 71?

I'm near the shore of Lake St-Louis, between Sources and St-Jean.
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I'm in Dollard, the northeast end, not far from the Sunnybrooke train station (walking distance, actually). I think I'm one of the lucky ones in West Island, cause I get CBC, SRC and TQS in HD too, not just the US stations.
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You are very lucky. Your are just in the edge of Mont-Royal and have a clear view to Radio-Canada building.

Oh well!!
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Hey Vicky71

I also live near a train station (Roxboro) and since my last post the antenna as been moved to the roof on a rotor, the only channel i don't get on a regular basis is (you guest it) ABC 22, today it was pretty good, but i would not count on recording it :-(

All other channels i can lock on good. 2,3,5,6,33,35,44,57.

With the rotor, i remember doing some scans, and managed to pickup 4.1 across Ottawa.

I do Scans every now and then to see if something else will come in, but rarely move the antenna, the rotor as got the same remote infrared codes as my tuner (darn), i have to block my rotor so it doesn't see my tuners remote signal....

Got to go, so Have a nice day everyone.

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Dollard des ormeaux - Indoor Antenna

I'm temporarily living with my parents while waiting for my house and have my TV(Samsung LCD) setup in one of their ground floor (not basement) rooms. Just for the hell of it I decided to plug in my cheap Phillips antenna. After a few minutes of adjusting and much to my surprise, I was able to pick up both PBS (57 and 33), CBS and NBC. The signal strength was very low, but stable. My new house is a few streets away so I hope I can get the same reception there.

In case anyone is interested, this is the antenna - US2-MANT310 (google it)

Wii Code: 0050 5044 3338 1179
gamertag: ratovan
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ratovan, some people in Dollard are getting the U.S. stations but also all the Montreal Digital OTA stations too, which is rare these days in some parts of the Montreal area until the Canadian stations move to Mount Royal, whenever that will be.

I recommend a good outdoor antenna at your new home.

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Pointe-Claire: Questions for Kro

I see that you live in St. Eustache and are using a 10y13s plus 4221 combined through a CM 7778 pre-amp to pick up the Platsburgh-Burlington stations.

Given your location am I right in assuming you also watch the Mt. Royal UHF stations with the 4221 and it is the strong signals of channels 17 and 35 that would cause overload if you used a CM 7777?

I live on the West Island near Stewart Hall, so there is quite a large angle (about 77 dgrees) between the bearings to Mount Royal and Mt. Mansfield and an even larger angle (about 95 degrees) between Mt. Royal and the direction I actually point the UHF antenna that I currently use to pick up the Plattsburgh-Burlington UHF Stations, including Mountan Lake PBS (57). So I was wondering whether a CM 7777 would be ok in my location, or whether a CM 7778 would be better for me.

At present I have 3 antennas on my roof, all of which are very old and need replacing. I use an all-band antenna pointed at Mt. Royal for local channels and I have separate VHF and UHF antennas pointed about mid-way between Mt. Mansfield VT and Terry Mtn NY to pick up the Plattsburgh-Burlington Stations. The VHF antenna is inoperative so I do not know if it can handle WVNY digital on 13 (it used to pick up 3 and 5 quite well). I use this approach because I have 4 rooms wired for TV making a rotor impractical.

The local stations antenna has no pre-amp and I use an un-amplified splitter to distribute the signals. Both US-stations antenna are equipped with pre-amps and I use separate distribution amps (1 for the VHF and 1 for the UHF) to distribute the signals to the 4 rooms. I plan on replacing the entire distributuion system as well.

The distances and magnetic bearings to the transmission towers are:

Mount Royal: 11.7 miles @ 80 degrees
Mount Mansfield: 79.6 miles @ 157 degrees
Terry Mountain: 59.9 miles @ 188 degrees (until Feb 17, 2009 only)
Lyon Mountain: 51.3 miles @ 199 degrees

I have line-of-sight access to all transmitter locations.

At present I am concentrating on the US stations. My only concern with the local stations is possible interference with the US stations, but given the angles involved I am hoping there will be no problems.

For the US stations I was thinking of using a 10y13S pointed directly at Mount Mansfield for WNVY-DT and a CM 4221 (or similar antenna) pointed between Mt Mansfield and Lyon Mtn (closer to Mt Mansfield) for the rest. Both antennas would be connected to a CM 7777 (or CM 7778) and the single drop cable would feed a new 4-output distribution amp. RG-6U cabling would be used throughout.

Given that I would be using a channel 13 yagi for WVNY and the 77 degree difference in bearing, interference from CFCF on channel 12 should be minimal (I hope). Given the approximately 90 degrees differnce in bearings to Mt Royal and the direction I would be pointing the 4221, I would expect there to be little problem with channels 17 and 35 overloading the pre-amp. So would the CM 7778 still be more appropriate?

Note that the CM 4228 is out of the question because it is too directional to pick up both Mt. Mansfield and Lyon Mountain from my location. The UHF antenna I have now is a Hoverman type rather than a bow-tie type and it does a good job, but has long been discontinued.
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Brian_O, with one newer antenna, pre-amp and rotor you could reduce your current 3 antenna system, and pick up all the stations you want. I live in Deux Montagnes and pick up all staions except ABC (I don't have a VHF antenna).

The DT stations I receive include:
2.1 (Radio Canada)
3.1, 3.2 CBS
4.1 (CBC Ottawa)
5.1, 5.2 NBC
6.1 CBC
18.1, 18.2, 18.3 PBS
33.1, 33.2, 33.3, 33.4 PBS Vermont
35.1, 42.1 TQS
44.1, 44.2 FOX
57.1, 57.2, 57.1 PBS Plattsburgh

All these staions come in clear and strong when rotated in the correct direction (there is NOT just one direction that works for all stations).
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Thanks for the suggestion, but a rotor is totally out of the question. It would lead to constant arguments in the household over which way the antenna needs to be pointed at any given time: 4 rooms wired, 4 TV sets, people with different viewing tastes. That is one problem we have always been able to avoid in this house (unlike my next door neighbour who had a rotor before going with digital cable) and I want it to stay that way. Thanks anyways.

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Brian O

I would go for the CM7778 it has 3 db less UHF and 9 db less on VHFand we have strong VHF so the CM7778 will not overload as much as the CM7777. And yes from where you are you might be able to reduce overload by basically pointing your attenna south (Maybe a very little west). You will even have a shot at WNPI. And with the CM4221 it as a wide beam so no need for a rotor.
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