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SnerkyOne, your "ancient TV tower" for most of us OTA enthusiasts is a dream. Wire brush and a can of silver Tremclad paint would make this tower look good again and would make it ideal for your OTA setup. Aside from height and stability the tower most likely is grounded, something most people tend to forget in designing there OTA outdoor setup. Anyhow DB8 will give you better results. You might even get ABC.
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post #797 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-13, 02:08 PM
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My main concern with the tower - I can get over the aesthetics of it - is safety. It seems a bit wobbly, though it might just need new bracing to the house. 30+ years of Canadian weather will rust those brackets, I'd think! Still, I'm wary of having someone climb onto it not knowing for sure how safe it is.

I guess I'll first give the roof-installation option a try first, and reassess if that doesn't work. I feel bad having my installer try out all these different things, but I guess it's okay so long as I pay him.
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post #798 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-16, 03:05 PM
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Finally, as of today CFJP 35.1 is on. The signal here is steady at 50%. Hopefully CBC's jumpy signal was do to installation of Canal V, and now it will return to normal. Now that the weather is warmer Canal Savoir 29.1 is completely gone. This summer I will have to put dedicated 8 bay antenna to Montreal and another 8 bay to US. Locking in abc 22 would be nice. I wonder if Channel Master 4228HD peaked at Mount Mansfield would lock in WVNY 22.1.
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post #799 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-17, 09:08 AM
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Thumbs up Finally, V in Pointe-Claire!

With the move of V 35.1 to Mont-Royal yesterday, I have rock-steady reception at 80% with an antenna pointed at Mt Mansfield. Still my weakest Montreal station (I don't get City at all) but the image is stable.
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post #800 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-20, 03:25 AM
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Confirmed, able to catch 35.1 in the western part of the city, was surprised it tuned it without notice as I was flipping channels ! ...LoL

29.1 Canal Savoir is now also in HD as well, little gains and surprises here and there, but better than nothing !

OTA CM4228HD CM3410 CM4040
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post #801 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-24, 10:45 PM
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OTA Reception in Ile-Perrot - More Fun Times!

Well, my installer finally got a chance to put up the new DB8 today.

After some fiddling, I got all excited when we got CBS at over 90%, and NBC, CW & FOX at around 80%. I shouted at him not to touch anything - there was a LOT of trial & error preceding this - so he tightened the connection & got off the roof.

And that's where my dreams of free US TV came to yet (another) screeching halt. For some unknown reason, CBS dropped to 80%, NBC/CW fluctuates constantly between 20% and 70% without getting a lock, and I've lost FOX entirely.

I realize signal strength fluctuates during the day, but this is a bit extreme. Is the signal really that sensitive? Or did tightening the connection somehow mess up my antenna and/or connector? The installer is going to try replacing the cable next time, but I'm not sure that's really the problem since we had a really strong/good signal before everything suddenly went oh-so-horribly wrong.

Then again, what do I know?

Once again, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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post #802 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-25, 12:22 AM
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Now I'm very confused... Just for the fun of it (or because I have an obsessive personality that just won't give up), I propped my Antennas Direct CS2 on the window sill in the basement, a few feet from the TV. Didn't really try to aim, just threw it on there. Lo & behold, NBC/CW comes in loud & clear. CBS was a bit choppy, but was fine after some tweaking.

Given that I'm at ground level, with a stone wall & a hedge - not to mention houses & trees across the street - between the antenna & the towers, how in the world am I getting NBC/CW?

I'd say the rain is helping, if it wasn't the fact that I still can't get NBC/CW when using the DB8 mounted on the roof...
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post #803 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-25, 12:24 PM
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Location: Pincourt, QC
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setup my antenna, get best result on ABC22, but miss 17.1, 29.1 and never get 'NEW' V, anyway they are french channels, I don't need them. get 15.1 but not stable.

8 Bays+CM7777
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post #804 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-25, 11:25 PM
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Are you picking up ABC from Pincourt with your 8-bay antenna?

ABC is showing up in my channel list, so I guess I picked it up during a scan at some point - however briefly/faintly - but I never saw it again. No amount of slow panning seems to grab it at this point.

On the other hand, I get a stable signal for 15.1 on all three antennas I own (Mohu Leaf, AD CS2 & DB8), along with every other Montreal channels. From inside the house, no less. I'd probably be willing to trade them all for ABC, though!
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post #805 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-26, 09:25 AM
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Location: Pincourt, QC
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I have outdoor antenna DB8 with CM7777 (actually it's useless!).
I get ABC, but maybe I'm luck on my location.
Try to play the antenna in direction and height. Maybe you lose other channels like me in 17.1, 29.1 etc.
Actucally, I setup my antenna in a special direction to avoid interfere signals from other channels, I drop some channels I don't care, I care ABC channel just for NBA basketball (at weekend) and morning news at 7am

8 Bays+CM7777
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post #806 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-27, 09:13 PM
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The only channels I care about keeping from Montreal are 12.1 (CTV), 15.1 (Global) and 62.1 (City). I guess I wouldn't mind 6.1 (CBC), for the one show a year I might watch on there.

We've been trying to aim it directly at Mount Mansfield, since my goal is really to get the US channels. I'm okay with not getting ABC with this antenna - I can always get a dedicated VHF for that - but the fact that I lost FOX, NBC & CW altogether is really annoying.

My installer is now very confused, as he just threw one up at his house - not aiming all that carefully, even - and he's getting all of the channels no problem. He lives close to me, too, so it's not like he's noticeably closer to the towers.

We'll give it another try, I guess. I'm starting to wonder if something's gone wrong with either the antenna or pre-amp, since it worked & then suddenly didn't without moving the antenna...
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post #807 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-04-27, 11:36 PM
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OTA Reception in Ile-Perrot


There sure is something wrong with your setup.
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post #808 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-05-20, 01:28 PM
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Anyone else having cfcf 12 reception issues. Started yesterday evening and today can't get the station at all. Just want to see if anyone else is having problems before I start tweaking the antenna.

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post #809 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-06-18, 02:14 PM
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I'm looking to jump into OTA, been sorta dabbling with basic antennas for years but want something legit. I used one of those cheap knock off dual bay a bit, literally got 1 strong french channel (17) I think it was. Gave up and threw it out. Been using the monoprice ones here and there with decent results for the $.

I'm in Terrasse-Vaudreuil so the back corner of ile perrot (J7V 5S5). Was thinking a CM4778 or a DB8, any good reason to go with one over the other?

SnerkyOne who's your installer if you don't mind me asking? I'm going to go it alone initially but if I have no luck I'd love some help.
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post #810 of 1110 (permalink) Old 2013-06-19, 04:25 PM
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Location: Pincourt, QC
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I live in pincourt. In the area, I get most of american channels and most of canadian channels.
american channels: 3.1, 5.1, 22.1,33.1,44.1, 57.1
canadian channels: 2.1, 6.1, 10.1(sometime),12.1, 15.1(sometime),17.1,29.1(sometime).
DB8 is good choice. you may install yourself, it's quite easy. buy a post (fence) from RONA, put your antenna at the top, turn it direction to east and south until pick up most of channels.

8 Bays+CM7777
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