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Lightbulb ON - Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton - OTA

OTA Results for the Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Halton area. This is an open discussion forum, but keep your posts on topic.

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post #2 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2004-11-16, 10:41 AM
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Location: Oakville, Ont.
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Oakville, Glen Abbey area

Receiver: Expressvu 6000 with 8vsb
Antenna: indoor Teck-55
Location: Oakville, Glen Abbey area
WUTV-Fox (14) - 65-70%
WNLO -UPN (32) - 90-95%
WGRZ - NBC (33) usually below 50%, occasionally up to 60-70%
WKBW -ABC (38) - 80-85%
WIVB - CBS (39) - 85-90%
WNED - PBS (43) - 85-90%
CITY - (53) - 60-65%
CKXT TOR1- (66) - 60-65%

Very few dropouts on any stations, unless the signal strength
goes below 50%. Generally speaking I only have a problem with WGRZ.
There must be an obstruction somewhere, as others in this area are able
to get it.
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post #3 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-01-12, 12:34 PM
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Location: Oakville, Ont.
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I am in Oakville and use the CM 4228 with a pre-amp for my Samsung T151. My main objective is to receive the Buffalo digital stations, and my antenna is aimed accordingly, but I also receive City-DT (53) Toronto 1(66) and the two new CBC digital transmitters, which currently show test patterns. Global, CFTO and CH in Hamilton don't have their OTA transmitters operational yet. (Global and CFTO are on cable and satellite.) I recommend the 4228 for use in Oakville, where you basically are aiming it south-east to get Buffalo. Every location is unique, so watch out for any obstructions and remember - higher is usually better. If you need it, I can recommend a source for the antenna.
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post #4 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-01-12, 02:02 PM
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Location: Burlington
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In Burlington, I get all the channels fine with a 4 bay attic antenna with no pre-amp.
The 8 bay antenna would not fit thru my attic door, so I went with the 4 bay.

Unless you have a long cable run (>100 ft), I would try it first without the preamp.

- greg
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post #5 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-01-12, 06:33 PM
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Oakville (4th Line and Rebecca)

I'm in Oakville (4th Line and Rebecca) with the CM4228 (thanks JohnnyG) but no pre-amp and can only pick-up channel 23 (92% signal). I chalk it up to the 75 feet of coax that I had to use for my roof mount and the fact that by the water we are quite a bit lower.
Getting into winter and a scary 45 degree roof pitch have kept me from playing with it but I'd love suggestions on amps. I've tried the cheaper indoor ones but to know avail.
Anyhow, not a big issue but keep in mind how you are going to mount it and accessories. After antenna, tripod, coax, ground rod, ground wire, mounting clips and connectors, I spent about $325. Already had built-in tuner so didn't need this.
Regarding analogue, I can pic up about 4 stations but nothing of the quality that you would want to watch on a 65" screen. The CM4228 is UHF only.


Oakville, Toshiba 65HX93 (Calibrated), Samsung BDP-1500, BEV 9200, Marantz SR7000 Recvr, Energy Encores, Harmony 880
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post #6 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-01-12, 06:57 PM
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Location: Burlington, Ontario
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Burlington at New and Guelph line

Hi Russell.. I'm in Burlington at New (same lattitude as Rebecca) and Guelph line with the same 4228 (8 Bay) from JonnyG and have no trouble getting all of the channels execpt for the famously low powered WB.

Antenna is outside on the south side of my Townhouse 5 feet above ground level!. I needed to do that so I can manually turn it toward toronto for the CN Tower stations.

Are you using newer RG-6 (not 59) low loss cable? Can you side wall mount the 4228 (its flat anyway) and get the cable length more reasonable??
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post #7 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-01-13, 05:15 PM
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Location: Oakville, Ont.
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The Buffalo digital stations "re-map" their digital signals to look like their old analogue station assignments. WIVB-DT is really 39-1 but is re-mapped as 4-1 and also as 23-1 on the signal from the tower of WNLO on Grand Island. WGRZ, WKBW and WUTV also do this. WNED did it in the past but are not doing so currently. This may actually be a good thing. Whenever the analogue broadcasting signals are shut down sometime after 2006, stations could leave their digital signals on their UHF station assignments, but make it continue to look like channel 2, 4, or whatever. The last I heard channels 2-51 were going to be left for digital broadcasting, but channels 2-6 were not recommended owing to interference problems. Channels 52-69 were to be returned to the FCC for other uses. All this being said, I believe that UHF transmitters cost more to run as they require more power.
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post #8 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-01-25, 11:14 AM
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Location: Appleby Line and Upper Middle Rd
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Smile Burlington at Appleby and Upper Middle

I am at Appleby and Upper Middle in Burlington and I just installed a Wade antenna (4 bowtie with a reflector) and I get the analog UHF Buffalo channels very clearly and I have not even put the antenna in the attic much less the roof. I am going out today to get another Wade 4 bowtie and face it towards the CN tower and wire the two together to so I will not need a rotator. It seems cheaper and less troublesome to go the two antenna route. I do not have any amplifiers at all.

I haven't gotten the HD tuner yet but if the analog signals are as strong as they are I have no worries.

If you are interested in the Canadian made Wade antenna it runs about 70$ or so and I got mine at Nutech electronics in Hamilton.

Here is the Wade website:

They make what looks like a ChannelMaster 4 bowtie:

I am not sure if it as good as the ChannelMasters that JohnnyG is selling. We know that those work well in my area since about the half the forum seems to have them on their roofs .
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post #9 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-02-17, 01:22 PM
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OTA DTV signal in Oakville Lakeshore

Finally got an OTA receiver, hook up to my HDTV, What I can get:
(6th floor, facing north.)
Fox -1(HD), -2(SD), -3(Black Screen).
WNED 43-1(HD), 43-2(SD), 43-3(think about bright).
CBC-English, CBC-French, all test signal.
City HD.
WNED 43-1 is the only one HD channel and full screen.
CBC-English also full screen, but only test signal(showing kids playing hockey).

LG-NU 45NZ60, Samsung SIR TS160(with directTV access card), indoor atenna(with amp, $26 philips from wal-mart).
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post #10 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-02-17, 05:29 PM
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That looks about right considering you're not facing south. The only one missing is 32 (WNLO + CBS-HD). That channel has a MUCH stronger signal than WUTV and it originates from the same location. You may want to play around with your antenna.

Using the same antenna with your TV's NTSC tuner, what is your Buffalo reception like (ABC, CBS, etc...)?
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post #11 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-04-14, 01:51 PM
Digital Sage
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North Burlington

I have the Channle Master 4228 antenna using a Toshiba Directv STB. I don't a problem picking up all the channels previously listed in the Buffalo area. If i point the antenna in another direction, i'm sure i would be able to get Toronto.

Even though this is an outdoor antenna, i have it on my third floor, looking out a Bay window.
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post #12 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-04-19, 12:54 AM
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Question Oakville Lakeshore/Bronte Rd

I'm on 12th fl of an apartment on Marine Dr... looking South & East.
Picked up a Radio Shack Bowtie Ant @ $49.... put it on a table on the balcony, does not work as well inside. So I think I will try one of the outdoor one's on my balcony.
The picture is great and 5.1 too... not getting City HD yet, I'm guessing I need to change the direction from South to get it.
23.1 WIVB-HD
23.3 WNLO-SD
29.1 WUTV-HD
29.2 WUTV-SD
40.1 CFTO-HD
43.1 WNED-HD
43.2 WNED-SD

Anyone had any experience with the 21" omnidirectional disc type from RadioShack?
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post #13 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-05-30, 12:51 PM
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It could be?

It could be as there is a station in Pittsburgh (WPGH-TV), on Channel 53 (Fox affiliate) that pumps out 2340kW of power....there could be potential interference, and it does say according to the FCC Records that "site is in Canadian Border Zone".

This could explain why the CITY-DT transmitter is directional. One would hope that maybe City could move to another slot, or moreso in theory, chances are when the Analogue shutdown happens in Canada, they would move back to 57 where their Analogue signal currently is. Unfortunately we'll just have to wait until then.
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post #14 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-06-09, 05:49 PM
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On the Lake in Oakville

Located on the lake in Oakville, 12th floor apt, have tried several Radioshack antenna and found they needed to be rotated to get TO and Buffalo stations and still had some breakup.... could not get everything by aiming between the two directions.
Expected I might have to use two antenna at 90 degrees but luckily this Wade does the trick. I would recommend it for anyone who cannot put up a tower and are in mid range distance to the source.


Spent $40 today for a Wade SL-4BT and temporarily set it up on a broom on my balcony aiming between Buffalo in South and TO in east and then made my Sony auto program.
All the following came in crystal clear with 5.1 for those who were doing that during that time of the day. Only thing I seem to be missing is Tor1-HD that I previously picked up on 66.1.... maybe aiming at the CN tower might get it, though I'm not really interested in it.

1080i except where noted:

2.1 WGRZ-D
4.3 WNLO-SD 480i
7.1 WKBW-DT 720p
23.1 WIVB-HD
23.3 WNLO-SD 480i
25.1 CBLFT-D
29.1 WUTV-HD 720p
29.2 WUTV-SD 480i
43.1 WNED-HD
43.2 WNED-SD 480i
43.3 THINKB 480i
53.1 CITY-HD

13 stations... not bad.

Now to test the digital audio to see if it solves the sound drops I have been getting on Cogeco.... they like to say it is caused by my amplifier (both of them since I replaced the original with a newer design and another brand)
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post #15 of 1367 (permalink) Old 2005-06-20, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by stampeder
That's good advice given that Oakville is so close to him, but as I say given the weird angle towards the Buffalo stations he should get a pro with a signal analyzer to check his balcony for free before making a purchase, because if there are scatter conditions as I mentioned he'll be glad to have a bowtie reflector type, such as a 4BT-1483, and not just a bowtie like the SL-4BT. If you look in the Burlington results you'll see CM4228s being used, and they have reflectors. There's no hurry to make the right choices, and I'm not dissing your advice to him but that balcony's direction is trouble.
When I spoke to the manufacturer about the reflector type they said it was not needed unless I needed to pickup signals from behind the antenna.... not the case as that looks into my apartment.

Where would he go to get that free signal analysis?
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antenna , merger , signal

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