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Videotron Analogue to Digital Migration (Area Specific)

I read in the OTA forum that Videotron has sent a letter saying that there will be a shift of some analogue channels to the digital tier. Does anyone have a copy of this letter or the exact details?

This is happening with all cable service providers as they need the bandwidth for additional services - VOD, more HD, etc. There are already existing threads on this topic in Shaw, Eastlink and Cogeco forums. So far there is no formal announcement at Rogers. Edit, it has been announced at Rogers Ontario and will proceed throughout 2012. There's a thread in the Rogers forum for those interested.

Most times the provider will (for now) keep a basic lineup of analogue channels shifting non-basic channels to the digital tier, sometime in stages, sometimes all at once. Sometimes they provide a free adaptor or STB to assist customers still on analogue, but who have more channels than basic.

Anyone with information on this process at Videotron is encouraged to post in this thread. This is not regarding the occasional channel that has been shifted to digital, but rather a series of channels - usually those over channel 30 or so.

I browsed the Videotron website and saw no mention of this - only the typical cable company line about cable customers being unaffected by the end of analogue OTA.

Please no CableCARD or clear QAM discussions - use existing threads.

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