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9241 Internal hard drive replacement

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I can't find it.

The 9242 hard drive replacement thread at has been invaluable, with its list of valid replacement drive numbers, etc. However, it doesn't specifically address the 9241 (altho some 9241 owners have posted there). The 9241 owners thread makes some references to hard-drive replacement, but I can't find concrete details.

Does someone have a list of drive models that make suitable models for replacement in a 9241? Or have any experience with this?

I've seen ebay postings for 9242 drives, saying they will work in 9241s also - but I'm suspicious of that - esp after reading the 9242 thread. I've also seen lots of 9241s that can't be activated going on ebay, and was thinking of buying one of those so I can cannibalize the hard-drive when needed.... but I also recall reading somewhere (not sure where now) that a 9241 can only have its hard drive replaced by the EXACT same model that it already has. ie, even a different model drive from a different 9241 may not work in my unit.

Does anyone know if there is any truth in either of these statements?

For the record, my 9241 is humming along nicely in the 6 months six I got it (from ebay - who knows what it did before then!). But I know these drives get harder to find and would like to have an "insurance" drive around, as I hope to keep the receiver for a long time! (Changing receivers down "south" is a pain, and my 5100/5900 only lasted two years!)

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