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David Zeno
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ah ! thanks for the info. That's exactly what I wanted to hear, I do have a tree that has grown leaves, and I'm now thinking this is the problem ! I didn't have the problem all winter ( box installed last Oct ) so I'm guessing it is the problem. Thankfully it is a tree my wife wants gone, so I'll post back once I've cut it down.

Thanks for your information, it's appreciated.


Originally Posted by SD 630 Support View Post
Hi David,

That LED indicates you have lost signal. It sounds like your dish may have come out of alignment, or else something might be blocking the signal (leaves on the trees?). The recording issues are consistent with this.

Check signal in OPTIONS 4-7. It's on line C and E. You generally want an Ecb/no value above 8.0 on SD channels, and above 6.0 on all the HD channels.

If it's low, give Shaw Direct a call and we'll get things resolved for you.
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