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Originally Posted by Jimsathome View Post
As far as the discussion about powered or not, I did a lot of reasearch before concluding a powered unit provides a small amount of boost (~1.5 dB if I remember correctly to overcome insertion losses) while some unpowered units can actually degrade the signal strength.

If you plan to have the dish reasonably close to the switch, and your runs to the recievers relatively close as well, an unpowered unit maybe a good solution for you.
Just FYI, I have two locations, one with a power switch and one without. The one without is using the WB68 switch with runs of over 150 feet. I did signal strength checks with the reciever right next to the dish and not using a switch for alginment, and compared that to the switch in place and the strength level was exactly the same. You can research all you want, but actually setting it up and seeing for yourself is the best way to see true results for your own setup. Another concern of mine was channel change speeds, and they were the same both ways as well. So there is no reason not to use the WB68 switch from my experience.
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