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Cool Working now it seems...

Originally Posted by Charlie60 View Post
Possible that your neighbor has his remote code set to the same as yours? See if changing your remote code fixes the channel changing on its own....
I did think of that as the neighbor a couple doors down does have a couple 605s, and a 630; so that could be the problem but he is at least 80 feet away.

(I helped him with his install but didn't do the recievers - he activated them and I don't know if he "paired" all of his remotes. See the link below if you want to read that saga.)

Anyway, my Mom said (when I talked to her this morning)it didn't happen again last night after I had her power the 630 down (disconnecting the power cord), and wait half an hour before powering it up and then trying it => after letting it sit re-powered for another half an hour.

We'll have to see how it acts next time we are at The Cabin as she's coming home today.

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