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Explorer 8300HD - a few channels don't work


I'm having a strange problem with my Explorer 8300HD in Montreal. On a few channels that I subscribe to, I get a black screen. The channels in question are 211 (TMN) and 716 (MPIXHD). There may be others but I haven't checked all of them. Interestingly, the HD version of TMN (711) and the non-HD version of MPIXHD (216) both work fine. A tech has been over to check the signal level and found everything to be fine, but he nevertheless replaced the splitter and all connectors as a precaution. The 8300HD diagnostic screens show that the receiver is not locked on these channels and the signal level is very low. The signal level on all the other channels is very strong.

Does anyone else have this problem? To me, as a telecom engineer, it doesn't feel like a signal problem, but rather a software issue, for example the receiver isn't looking on the right frequency for the QAMs which carry these channels.

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