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Originally Posted by kinger44 View Post
When I go to "tune in satellite signal" from 299 I get numbers ranging from 69-77. From 345 I get 71-79. The weather is far better this weekend.
Sounds like you're on the right track. Tweak the azimuth, elevation, and skew to maximize the signal on 299.

BOTH of those channels show "A4" as the satellite - that's the first thing that is confusing to me.
That's normal. The "satellite" value doesn't change based on which satellite you're tuned to, it's actually an indicator of the channel map loaded on the receiver.

The other confusing thing is - how do I improve them both? Do I start with 299, get it as high as possible then fine tune the other sat with the skew?
Exactly. Start with 299 and maximize it. Then go to a station on the F2 satellite (such as APTN, found on either 350 (classic lineup) or 70 (advanced lineup)). You should be able to bring in a strong signal here too with minimal tweaks to skew. Tighten everything up when you're happy with the signal and you should be good to go!

Also, from the Shaw site I get skew of 116 for A and 119 for B - which one do I use???
For dual satellite installation (e.g. elliptical dish), use the SAT B settings.
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