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Hi - new member. I just read this thread and learned a number of things, but I still can't find what I am looking for:

I have a legacy receiver at my cottage with an oval SC dish. Worked fine last season. Got to the lake this year and the weather had spun the dish around the pole that it's mounted on. No problem, I rotated it back and immediately got decent signal. Since the weather was crappy, I just locked it down and left it. Over that weekend, we were able to watch tv on some channels - 400 TSN for example, but the CBC stations would come in, then black out for a few seconds, then come back in.

I realize there are 2 satellites, and I assume that its a signal issue on one of them.

When I go to "tune in satellite signal" from 299 I get numbers ranging from 69-77. From 345 I get 71-79. The weather is far better this weekend.

BOTH of those channels show "A4" as the satellite - that's the first thing that is confusing to me.

The other confusing thing is - how do I improve them both? Do I start with 299, get it as high as possible then fine tune the other sat with the skew?

Also, from the Shaw site I get skew of 116 for A and 119 for B - which one do I use???

Thanks in advance for reading this and any help you can offer.


Gregg - Eels Lake Ontario - near Apsley
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