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Exclamation I've always HATED simsubs!

I happen to share your view, Commish. I merely mention that people should watch the Canadian channels because it makes things less troublesome for recording shows. Hugh mentioned that he often records the Canadian channels (and even the other US feed at times) to avoid some of the simsub hassles.

I love being able to watch the full US broadcasts with their commercials, often better signals (though many US channels look and sound worse through Rogers), sports updates and even their often more annoying snipes. It's an experience that simsubs help to ruin.

Presentation is often as important as the content and that's why the great chefs also make their food look as good as (or often better than) it tastes.

Can we eliminate the simsubs? Sure, use OTA broadcasts and other methods to fight the insanity. To think that complaining about them to the CRTC and the Gang will ever stop them, is "bordering" on foolishness.

If you want to have even higher blood pressure or get even more aggravated, just keep complaining to the wall known as the CRTC.

You guys know what's going on and although these forums are great for commiserating (commisherating), they have failed to stop the simsubs from growing in strength.

Twittering Tony Clement is still your best chance for bringing about change, but most of you are too wise to put your faith in a politician, regardless of how often the twittering occurs.

This thread helps others see how absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the fact that this thread will occasionally slip into another We hate the CRTC for allowing this nonsense to continue is not surprising.

It would be simpler to just run a blackout screen (mentioning the Canadian channels carrying the US programs in question) over all the US channels that are showing programming that was purchased by Canadian channels and being simsubbed at that moment. Perhaps that is the future of Canadian Television. Stay tuned ... same Bat-times, same Bat-simsubbed channels.
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