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Angry This Sucks!

I was a happy to be a SD customer because living far away from Toronto I was not subject to sim-subbing. Now all of a sudden I turn on the tv and everything is sib subbed from Global onto Fox. After years of being forced to watch local Canadian ads I was happy to get away from it, but now we have gone full circle and back at square one.

As a consumer I should be able to watch a US Broadcast since the show is 100% American!!!!! Global & CTV barely have any original shows other than the news, so why should I be forced to watch them at all! If I want to watch Canadian content I will watch the CBC, isn't that what is there for?

Wake up Shaw Direct and listen to your customers, and CRTC..YOU CONTINUE [email protected]!!! SUCK...and until you are dissolved Canadians will continue to suffer injustice when it comes to TV, Cell Phones and Internet!
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