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I finally got around to watching House from Monday, recorded from FoxE HD.

The first 34 minutes or so was FOX, then I got a black screen, my remote wouldn't work and nothing happened for about 45 seconds. Then all of a sudden, remote works again, and picture pops back up, but now the feed was Global.

When I looked at the progress bar, there was a red line right where I encountered difficulties - as in right where they simsubbed.

SD's half-as*ed simsub actually caused an error for a seconds in the recording.

So, if a TV provider cannot do simsubs correctly and flawlessly, shouldn't they not be allowed to do them?

Then, if the feed they simsub is of lower quality, shouldn't we have a choice?

Instead of forcing a Canadian feed on us, perhaps some research should be done into why Canadians might choose the US feed over their own.

My reasons? Inferior quality (and no next week previews).

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