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I have bought the Colossus, works fine, however it is not that easy to interface with the HTPC....

I don't like the connector ( I always feel like i'm braking something when I plug it in)).

Also, on videotron and seemingly on other boxes you can either use the RGB + audio output OR the hdmi output. Not both at the same time... I had my tv plugged in with the HDMI output, and I had to disconnect it. All I was getting is a blank signal... Took some time until I found the info.. I'll have to pass through something else if I just want to look at the tv directly.... I'll try to plug the cable into the tv tonight, and we'll see... At least I'll save on HDMI cables, whcih are not cheap.

Not Colossus's fault, of course.

I heard it was pretty difficult to interface the IRblaster for videotron, I haven't tried that one yet. I'm still in the beta mode... And I don't like their software, so I'll be looking at alternatives... I'll report when I get to know the beast better.
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