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Has anyone have extensive experience with the Colossus? How does it compare to the HD PVR in everyday use?

The problem with this device is that it may be hard to find a suitable mobo for your HTPC server as you may now need lots of PCIe x1 slots
Some newer motherboards are shipping with all PCIe slots and no PCI slots so that should not be an issue with new builds. PCIe x1 boards will work in PCIe slots up to x16 so that isn't an issue either.

The results are great but it does need to use the add on software from ArcSoft (ShowBiz)
Someone is working on adding support in MediaPortal. I wouldn't be surprised if SageTV adds support as well.

I'm thinking of skipping the EHD option and getting the colossus.
I would add an EHD first and use the Colossus for archival purposes.

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