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sneeker, I am using an original CM 4228 (non -HD model) down at the Bridge. I am able to pull all the Detroit stations including WADL with the antenna sitting indoors. Only two I can't get are WPXD and WUDT.

As for the Windsor locals, they aren't in digital yet and won't be until Sept 01 BUT because of their close proximity and the amount of juice they pump out there should be no need to rotate the antenna except for maybe CIII-TV-22 since its signal is out in Leamington.

I can't speak for the Toledo/Flint stations though since I am using the antenna indoors. From speaking to Lighthouse, they told me the CM4228 won't work for those stations unless I put it outdoors and probably with a motor, due to the design of that antenna versus the one they recommend in this area.
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