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Does this new website actually represent their solid comitted plan to make transitions or end services? After multiple phone calls saying Halifax would be going without DTV for at least another year now I see they're going to meet the deadline. ( ) I also see they're planning on cutting some mandatory markets entirely by ending their presence in those cities, like Saskatoon among others. I guess mandatory means "if you're going to transmit there you have to go digital", thus the sharp pencil brigade sees savings in "you don't have to go digital in non-capital large population centres if you don't transmit there any more."

It does suck that many markets are losing coverage (London, Saskatoon, most of New Brunswick), and it's interesting that they don't mention the time limits on analogue repeater lifespans, but it's a comprehensive plan that's long overdue in being released. And in my small corner of the world, an encouraging sign!
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