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Caller ID Troubleshooting

Originally Posted by Ralph2 View Post
Is the call display feature working for the rest of you? My log shows some calls but even those never seem to be displayed.
Originally Posted by jbracing24 View Post
My call display has never worked. The log has one call from Dec 8/10.
We've spent a lot of time investigating Caller ID and looking for possible solutions. Right now, it works for the majority of people but there are some folks where it never seems to display or log.

First, if calls are logged but not displayed on screen:
- Know that the Caller ID information is displayed at the lowest priority. If you have any other menus or displays onscreen (playback bar, Guide, info banner, etc.), the Caller ID information will not appear until you close the current menu/OSD.
- For some folks, it's been determined after troubleshooting that their TV is zooming the image so far off the screen it covers all or most of the caller ID banner.

Second, if calls are neither logged or displayed, but you can successfully report back (OPTIONS 4-3-3):
- We've looked at both hardware and software modifications to change the sensitivity of the modem to the Caller ID data. The challenge here is that any changes will probably cause Caller ID to stop working for people at the opposite end of the threshold.
- We're also investigating the possibility of an external device to boost the phone line voltage in your home (e.g. Ring Booster or similar). Others with similar issues with other devices (specialty telephones, VOIP systems, etc.) have reported success with these devices, but they're fairly pricey.

We'll keep you posted on how things unfold with respect to this issue. An interesting test to try is to unplug all other phones and modems in your house, other than the 630. Then let a call come in and see if Caller ID displays on the 630. If it does, boosting the phone line voltage or removing excess devices on your line may resolve the issue for you.
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