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No pic or sound

qoute: Well, my 630 did something this morning I never saw before --
We got the firmware update on February 20. Everything seemed fine since then. Last night, we turned off the 630 like usual and went to bed. When we got up, I turned it on and there was no picture nor sound on the TV. At first, I thought I was on the wrong input on the TV, but I wasn't. I went to the input for the 530 and it seemed to be working fine. I think a channel was showing on the 630 display and when I tried to change it, it changed, but it took about 10 seconds in between -- like 280 was 2....8.....0...really slow.

Mine did the same thing this morning. Power light came on, but no pic or sound. I could change channels, but still no pic or sound. Checked the input setting on tv, no problem. Hooked component cables up to another tv input, still no pic or sound. Pressed and held the power button on for 10 sec on the receiver, and all went back to normal. Go figure. Watched the news for an hour, then turned everything off. 6 hours later, turned the 630 on, and again, same dam problem. Power light on indicating power to receiver, but no pic or sound. wtf??? Twice in one day????? Fixed it again by pressing power button down for 10 seconds, then everything came back to normal. (unit is at new firmware 4.06) Not a very good start with new "tested" firmware.
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