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OPTIONS 4-7 Lines H and it will tell you if you are targeted...

Finally got it. Took 5 tries, last one after a hard reboot. Was about to try a factory reset if that didn't work.

Regarding the issues in my above post: 0 for 3 - every one of them still exists. I'm wondering if the caller ID still shows up 3 hours later if you happen to have had a show paused when the call came in..(shows up when you sit down to finish your show). I guess that is better than not letting you pause if the phone is ringing like the 530 does.

It does delete shows faster, and the HDD remaining on the PVR menu is nice, but as has already been mentioned, it would be nice to have the "hours remaining"; they also removed "hours remaining" from the other menus.

The huge lag time and "remote control buffering" issue has gotten worse I think.

A new issue: I was deleting a few shows, and other than the number of episodes still being reported wrong, after trying to delete an episode, it now appears with a duration of 0:00 minutes and I can neither delete nor watch it. Selecting it boots me out of the menu.

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